Riders Fans Quietly Confident or Quietly Scared?

Ya the rider fans here in cowtown are quiet as well. Watermelons were easy to get this weekend. As sppn as you talk about the up coming game in BC they just do not want to discuss football.

Personally I am quietly concerned, offense is just starting to gel with Bishop (my fingers are sick of typing this but I want Durant to start) and this is their frist test against a legitimate team with Bishop at the reigns. Yes BC is in last and I hope we do all we can to keep them there but we all know they are a better team than how they have been playing this year.

I don't think Rider fans are quietly scared, considering, if my stats are correct, BC is the only team we have a winning record against haha. But we definitely aren't quietly confident, because we aren't really sure what to expect out of Bishop yet either.

Most of us are just enjoying being on top, and sure some people say its fluke or luck or we got help from the refs or whatever the reason other fans or Rider fans or anyone wants to think of for us being 8-3 now. Just let us enjoy :slight_smile:

I wouldn't even go as far as saying the most devoted of Rider fans would have expected 8-3 at this point in the season, but I don't think most people would expect wins with 4 QBs and losing you're starting 5 recievers either haha!

Anyway, BC's d-line played pretty freakin good tonight, and it's no wonder they have so many sacks this year. It doesn't matter who the O-line is, or how good they play, there is just to much there to stop.

Oh please. :roll: Joe Smith got what he asked for, he threw the team under a train, not the other way around!

Lions win! Now we go do the same thing next week in Regina!

Well the problems this weekend came from an expected place (receivers not getting open) and an unexpected place (o-line was porous to the whole D-line not just Wake)

Well the problems this weekend came from an expected place (receivers not getting open) and an unexpected place (o-line was porous to the whole D-line not just Wake)

I'm tried of this junk about Smith. The CFL is a professional sport. This isn't a junior league where everybody gets to play and you let the crappy guy have the ball once in a while.

You don't produce, you are gone. Period. You aren't a team player you are gone. Period. There isn't any room for sentiment if you want to win in this league. Wally knows that and that is why his teams consistenly win.

Joe Smith wasn't at home in Texas or wherever with his wife. He was here in BC and so was she. Let's clear this up once and for all. From the globe and mail ...

'Injured Smith spent last Friday's 27-18 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers shopping with his wife and reading a book, not at the B.C. Place Stadium, where the game and ceremony were taking place. Smith, who has been laid up with a rotator cuff injury, said he did not watch B.C.'s previous game in Winnipeg on July 18 because he was gardening.

"I didn't feel it was unimportant," Smith said of the Ackles tribute, adding that he watched it on television. "We were actually going to try to make it to the facility for it, but we didn't get a chance."

Smith, 28, also said he was unconcerned if fans felt he disrespected a man who spent 40 years working for the Lions and was known as the province's "Mr. Football." Ackles, 69, died on July 6 of a sudden heart attack.

"I can't control what their opinions of me are," Smith said. "I'm not trying to make people happy. I'm here to do my duty for this team. So, I have nothing to say to them. I did what I thought I wanted to do and what I needed to do."

Thank you.

He might be a great husband, but he sure is a lousy team player. It's funny how Leo fans get painted as the bad guys in all of this. But I'm sorry but how anybody can defend Joe Smith is mind boggling.

Wow check out the guy who doesnt pay attention around here. hey Green, Geroy does that "Superman" pose for his kid who loves Superman. Im guessing he is more concerned about pleasing his kid and less concerned about what Rider fans thinks. What kind of a confused person compares Simon with those guys in that light? Generally Simon quietly goes about his business and doesnt mouth off a lot or dance around like a lunatic like some of those guys. Give your head a shake buddy.

Although I respect his athletic ability, and would love to have him on my team, he often acts like an egotistical diva. What the heck is up throwing the ball 15 feet in air after every reception?!? Did you see that US college QB who got an objectionable conduct penalty for the same thing?? Just putting it out there. Ever see a camera shot of him after he is open on the other side of the field but his QB wasn't looking that way, he has his arms up and sulks all the way back to the huddle/bench. Just shook my head is all.