Riders Fans Quietly Confident or Quietly Scared?

Its been pretty quiet on the Riders front ahead of the big game in the dome tonight. I have to ask myself are they quietly confident heading into tonight's match or are Riders fans terrified of the new look BC offence and a healthy Geroy Simon?

Or maybe they're just riding around in their air conditioned, lazyboy sofa style seated combines listening to Eric Tillman on the pregame radio in suround sound pretending that farmers still work hard?


If you go to the riderfans.com, surprisingly, there's a lot of them that predict a Lions win

Isn't there a bridge somewhere in the Lower Mainland that is missing its troll? :roll:

Reason being Riderfans are not worried, Riders have not had problems with the Lions for quite sometime now, i know i'm not worried, i expect a good game and i predict the Riders to win by 6 points.

I found him, he’s snuck into our place…zbest, we’re onto you.

Sask has a severely weakened offence pitted up against a BC defence that has a ton of talent. BC's offence that has finally come to life under Buck Pierce the past couple weeks pitted up against the Sask defence that has made most top teams look average.

4 of the Lion's wins came against teams from the east. Both the Riders losses came from the west.

No really dominant performances by anybody. Tons of really close dogfights and last minute victories.

The only way to tell who wins, is to watch the game, and let the score do the talking.

Go Lions! Go Logan! Go Roberts!

If the Lions lose, which one of those guys gets thrown under the bus first?

The one who gets the least amount of yards.

We don't "throw players under the bus"....in the case of Joe Smith, it was a matter of him snubbing the organization at times that he should've been there. And Casey Printers...same attitude, same result here. We don't bow down to prima donnas here...we like hard working and committed. If you have an ego here, better check it at the door because it gets you nowhere.

Who else have we "thrown under the bus" to your recollection? I can't name anyone.

Deb, it is my understanding that Smith was at home in Houston with his new wife when the Ackles tribute took place, with the team's permission. Isn't it time to cut the guy some slack? He isn't a Lion anymore, so why rehash this stuff?

Since when is RLR "we". For that matter, why are you some part of a group henceforth known as "we". I made a specific comment to a specific individual. No "we" involved. And RLR threw Joe Smith under the bus. Big time. If you want to defend his decision to do that, that is your problem. But there is no "we" here.

She's too busy backing the bus up....

Well, I'm still waiting for that list of players that we've thrown under the bus.

And I've only "rehashed" this stuff because I'm quite sure that that's who people are referring to when they speak of Lions being thrown under the bus. But there was more to that than the Ackle's tribute...that had become Joe's demeanor...he had an "I don't really care about football" attitude that was hard to swallow. His game play was important on the field but the off field chemistry/rappor was also important. And the team needs to know that all the players:

A) know what's going on in the game, even when they're away from it

B) have their backs and are committed to the team at all times

Arius, I hadn't read your comment but, if you were directing that solely at RLR, it wasn't clear. And I'd still include myself in a "we" because I support him in this. Re: your "backing the bus up" comment. I am a loyal fan and it takes a lot for me to turn on a player. I was a diehard Joe supporter until this year - something was affecting this team in a negative way and I think that Joe was part of that.

When you have a player that stands alone, refuses to be fully committed to the team and acts like football's not "important" in his life - they've gotta go. Either you're in or you're out and the "brotherhood" of the team helps build a stronger team. Sure, it was Joe's choice and he had permission - but it also showed that his heart wasn't in it - he wasn't all about the team during football season. And I'm afraid you should be if you're a core part on the field...you need to be there off the field - full of emotion and firing things up. Like Geroy.

Ya Geroy isn't a prima donna at all, his superman pose he does after every TD catch is purely to stretch his back, not protraying (sp) what he thinks of himself.

I'd put him in the company of Copeland, Lewis and Bruce.

But i guess you guys cut your prima donnas? so i must be wrong

Hey Arius! Long time no talk, buddy. How's Saskatchewan treating you these days? You must be really excited about the Riders 8-2 start. It's a good thing for the Province to finally be cheering for a winning team. How are the grandkids? Hope everything is well with you.

Talk to you soon,


hehehe. Nice attempt at razzing.

  1. No fear. Just doing what people in Sask do. Quietly focusing on the task rather than yapping about it. :slight_smile:

  2. As for the combine comment, it always makes me laugh especially when it comes from people who often work in air-conditioned offices, sitting on comfy seats for 7 hours a day with paid vacation time, medical plans and paid sick days. :wink:

RB#1 thrown under a bus was Antonio Warren, the bus driven by Whally takes a stroll around the block and comes around to whack RB#2 Joe Smith, this Logan Roberts thing wont last...sooner or later the Lyons ego thing takes over then its RB#3....Although throwing either one of these guys under will require a short bus :wink:

I think it's more like volunteer 'cliff jumping' than having the coach or GM 'throw them under the bus'. These players have nobody to blame but themselves. Lack of production, poor attitude, all of these contribute to someone playing their way off of a team. Should the Lions have kept Smith and his poor yards per carry average and questionable team attitude? I think the answer is clear. Logan played his way into the position, Smith played his way out of BC.

As for throwing players under the bus, a number of players come to mind:
Ricky Williams
Kelvin Anderson
Jared Payton
Sean Millington
etc etc etc etc the list goes on.

Enough about Smith, he's not in BC anymore. It's LOGAN TIME!

Even if every word of what you say about Joe Smith were true---which I highly doubt--there is no reason to disrespect him as an individual. The reality is, he is the same care free "I don't care about football" guy this year as he was last year when he was the "we" choice as MOP. The only thing that changed was the team lost a few more games. A scapegoat was required, and "we" fans apparently couldn't get the bus revved up soon enough.
There is a big difference between replacing Smith on the roster because he wasn't playing well, and what RLR has done. And I don't need a "list" of players. Again, it was a specific comment to a specific individual regarding a specific situation. If you did not understand that at the time, fine. You know it now. And yet you continue with this "we" bull.