RIders Fans loyal Joesph and Austin NOT


Traders? What are they trading?

Understandable that Joseph and Austin may prefer to work elsewhere. Afterall, pro football is a job and players are free to seek more attractive jobs.

Let's cry about it. I am a Rider Fan with Season TIX and many home games knotched into my belt but you don't hear me crying.


Because Pro-football players do what they will and the franchises are expected to solve those problems and work around tem to make a good team as often as possible.

Let Wspidel cry in her pillow all night if it helps her cope with change.

(Oh and for the record .. . the word you meant to use was TRAITORS not traders)

for one nothing is guarenteed about josephs tryout with the saints, and even if he does leave it'll be more because of the money factor and that he want sto be back in the NFL like he was a few years back.

and as for Austin i would have 100% without a doubt in my mind have taken that deal. Who wouldn't take the chance to go back home to coach for the school you played for? honestly

players and coaches come and go. if you cry about each one you’ll be crying all the time. your very bitter wspidel.

…no, I’m fairly positive ‘traders’ is correct…but he mispelled ‘BOOTH’…

…isn’t that correct wspidel?, you meant to call austin and joseph BOOTH TRADERS, right?..dealers of exposition furniture…

…btw, you don’t need to thank us for this service, it comes free with your log-on password…

Joseph is doing everything in accordance with his contract. He came to Regina as a highly paid quarterback accepted a cut last year and didn't complain. He is entering his option year and has the ability to look at the NFL. No biggy.

Austin on the other hand had his failing career restored and revived by the riders. Signed a three year deal, asked to leave in at the end of the first year. He likely would not have gotten the ole miss offer without winning the grey cup and definitely wouldn't have gotten the offer had he still been un-employeed offensive coordinator who was ran out of town in his previous job. So no, I wouldn't have left for the opportunity to go back home, I would have been a man of my word and stayed.

Joseph has no chance of landing with the Saints. He's 35 years old plus his previous NFL experience means they'd have to pay him like $600 grand. They'd rather spend that on a prospect.

I will merely once again point to the fact that the current backup in N.O. is 38 years old, and having been in the league 14 years (despite accomplishing next to nothing) means his minimum salary is close to 1 million.
If, and that is a big if at this time, KJ signs with N.O., he has a realistic shot.
And if NO doesn't burn a high draft pick on a QB this spring, I like his chances.

And after s.ucking it up and taking a huge pay-cut, then almost single handedly carrying the Riders to the Grey Cup, if he can go to the NFL and prove himself there, good on him!!

You don't get it the current backup has 14 years of NFL experience at QB Joseph has none. The NFL is very narrow minded when it comes to QBs if you didn't get drafted as a QB by an NFL team there must be something wrong with you.

We shall agree to disagree.
This Martin fellow simply proves that there is a lack of good QBs in the NFL.
14 years--maybe 30 completions a year--that isn't experience, that is pathetic.
And the age and monetary factors are simply tossed out the window as both favour KJ.
Reality is, the guy might retire..or have a stroke....

I will concede the narrowmindedness of the NFL though.
Being black will not help KJ's chances....

His stats are better than another backup Todd Collins with the Redskins who spent 10 years clipboarding and then took them to the playoffs. Thats the real problem with the NFL its virtually impossible to judge QBs without starting them in a few games so when it comes to tryouts they always go with pedigree. Garcia was the exception and he really got lucky that the 49ers had screwed up their payroll to such an extent that he was practically guaranteed the starting job because they couldn't afford to sign anyone else.

I wouldn't say his stats are better--mostly because they aren't--but I think guys like Collins and Martin prove my point.
KJ isn't too old, and it is never too late.
NO isn't looking for a starter.
They are looking for a solid, reasonbly priced back-up.
If bums like Martin and Lewis...I mean Collins can make a career out of not playing, then KJ has a shot.
I am not saying he is a shoe in or anything.
I just don't think this "zero chance" scenario seems fair either. I guarantee you that, at minimum, KJ is a better athlete than any of the QBs NO has, including Brees.

Personally, I think he is likely to remain in Riderville anyway.
But that might be my green coloured glasses getting fogged up.

The same guy whi took a paycut?

The same Austin who turned your team around?

Do you want Barrett back and wait for home playoff game for another 8 years?

Face it, it's a business.

Football Cards.....Their trading football cards! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree geroy, sport has become big business, and moves like Kent Austin made are done all the time. Wspidel is not a Rider fan from what I have seen, he is just trying to stir it up in here. I do think however that KJ deserves a raise, but he has to have another MOP type of season to get back to 400K that the Gliebermans gave him.

Thank goodness you aren't the gm sambo....MOP type of seasons are very hard to come by. KJ would never get to the level of crybaby or Ray or pre-calgary glassjaw then. In terms of your Austin comment, show me three examples in the last 10 years where a HC asked to be released from his contract so he could go to another job.

It doesn't have to be a head coach who leaves, mike. I'm not going to argue this with you here. I'm not going to search all over hell's half-acre to prove to you that it happens more than you think, but go right ahead and flame Austin for his decision. As for Joseph, it is my opinion, but if you disagree with that, then that is your option as well.

BTW- Does the name Nick Saban ring any bells Mike?

Another coach who left- Brent Sutter. Everyone knew that he was going to leave the Red Deer Rebels for the NHL and the NJ Devils.

The current coach of the Pats did the same thing- he left the Moose Jaw Warriors to become the Regina Pats head coach, and the reason he resigned while with the Warriors was no secret. I guess that makes three examples there mike.

Sutter owns the Rebels. Henry Bruuis left for to become starting QB of the Stampeders oops!