Riders extend OLs Evan Johnson & Logan Ferland

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed National offensive linemen Evan Johnson and Logan Ferland to contract extensions.

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Always good to sign those Canadian Olinemen...Sask needs to prioritize these sort of signings if they are going to reach Calgary level

Why take an uncalled for and nonsensical shot at Saskatchewan, just to promote your Stamps? In 2021 Sask was second, Calgary third. In 2019 Sask was first, Calgary second. Reaching Calgary level would obviously mean a regression for the Riders. And no one cares how great the Stamps supposedly were for the last 30 years. We are going into 2022. Perhaps you meant to say that if the Riders are going to reach Winnipeg level?

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Lol...Jon...why are you so afraid ?

Nice dodge. You didn’t respond to my points. And no fear here.

If you weren't threatened by knowing I'm right , you would simply ignore me and not respond to my post that have nothing to do with you

All those in favor of ignoring Mrstallion say nothing.


good first post.

well done Mr Stallion. Bringing in new members!

Have had him on permanent ignore .. never see his posts never want to either

Even "enemies" can find some common ground.

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Never ever seen a bomber fan as an enemy.

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Excellent point. I used quote marks to soften the tone, but using the word "rivals" would have been a better choice.

I have to admit that if there were no Blue Bombers(!?) I would probably be a Rider fan. The wau that the least populous province in the CFL supports its team is quite admirable. Besides, as a Bombers fan, Craig D. scares me more than his little brother.