Riders extend O'Day, Dickenson, announce '21 football ops staff

REGINA — Saskatchewan Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds is pleased to announce that Vice President of Football Operations Jeremy O’Day has signed a two-year contract extension. O’Day originally joined the club’s front office in 2011 after playing 12 seasons on the Riders’ offensive line and will be entering his 23rd consecutive season with the Green and White.

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Like all other CFL management teams, I hope they get the opportunity to shine in '21.


Well if the CFL doesn't ask for Government bail outs, maybe a season will happen. No professional sports leagues should be receiving any Government handouts when millions of Canadians continue to struggle thru this pandemic.

If the billionaire owners in the CFL(and everyone knows who they are) can't fork over some of their money to keep the league afloat, then fold it because most Canadians could care less.

We need money to help Canadians thru the struggles that will occur for the next how many years, not worry about handing out money to professional sports leagues who can fend for themselves.