Riders extend National wide receiver Brayden Lenius

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed National wide receiver Brayden Lenius to a one-year contract extension, the team announced on Thursday.

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its a start.

A start yes, BUT I want to see some quality O-linemen by the end of FEB. Everything starts with the O-line. A good line opens holes for the running game, protects the QB so the passing game has time to succeed and even helps the defense by keeping the offense on the field. You can have the greatest players in the league in all of the other positions but you will still have a losing team without a good O-line.

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He has until spring. Then the knives can come out to be sharpened… Note, we cannot use them until game 6 or 7 to see how the line has been improved …or not

Yea, I know, ever the optimist is me.