Riders Extend Durant

Smart move by the Riders. This give them stability for a few more years in the most crucial position. It gives the Riders time to also groom a replacement for when the time comes.
Durant showed he has what it takes last year and certainly earned the extension. Now go get us a solid running back to keep defenses honest and the Riders are in good shape this season.

Rumor is they managed to ink him for 400K to...well done for a year the cap should take some level of extra increase

Well duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumour is it's 10% of the cap. If cap goes to 5mil his salary would go to 500k

I for one is just happy we inked him, DD has finally come into his own, we should have a strong team the next few years, and who knows how Sheets and Dressler make out, we could see 1 or both return!! Can't wait for the season to start!