Riders extend DB Nick Marshall

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American defensive back Nick Marshall to a one-year contract extension. Marshall was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

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Good player. But they need to sew his mouth shut.

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Same can be said for a lot of players, no? For some it’s a big part of their game. Could you imagine Simoni Lawrence trying to play with his mouth sewn shut… His friggen head would explode lol. :rofl:
Agree though, Nick’s a good player. Glad to have him back.

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I agree. The whole team needs to get their discipline under control.

But we need him to be a leader on the field, which means a slightly higher standard. I know he can, I just hope he will.

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And we both know where it starts… If Dickie’s looking for a new contract he has to get that shite under control (among other things).
That said I realize you’d prefer him and O’Day gone.

True, I would like them gone, but I could live with them both just getting their acts together. Dickie might be capable, I had faith (sort of) until his "vet day" betrayal. ODay... I'm just not sure he has all the tools for the job. Losing Maas will be a great help to the team.

Funny, back in the spring I was looking forward to Year 2 of Maas’ offence – Trevor Harris once said it took a couple seasons to grasp all of its nuances. Had it not been for a crappy OL, and a steady stream of injuries to Fajardo, several receivers, and both our RBs, who knows what might have been. Though I was certainly critical of Maas at times, I recognize there were circumstances beyond his control.
As for Dickenson and O’Day, ya, I’d prefer to see an improvement rather than a tear-down at the top – and all the growing pain that accompany it.

Yeah, I hated the Maas hire from minute one.