Riders extend DB Jordan Beaulieu

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced Friday that they have signed National defensive back Jordan Beaulieu to a one-year contract extension.

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Good re-up on Jordan's contract,

Over the course of 24 games, the former Mustang earned 48 tackles, two sacks, five tackles-for-loss, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, two interceptions, five pass breakups and one blocked kick. He was named to the OUA All-Rookie team in 2014.

He seams to have game, don't you agree.


Yeah, I think so. They need to find a replacement for Edem who's getting up there. Don't know how much longer he plays.

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Saskatchewan has a lot of signing to do before free agency IMO. Their list of free agents is - scary - both in the number and quality of players they have unsigned.

Edam, Dean, Sankey,Lanier, Hughs, Marshall, Milligan, Robertson, Fajardo, Clark (Dan), Moore, Morrow, Sankey and many more....

Bigger question is - with coaches saying no thanks - how many players will do the same?


I imagine they part ways with Hughes, Dean, Marshall, Edem and Fajardo. They'll try and get Sankey, Lanier and Robertson back. Still 50/50 on Shaq Evans but imagine Moore is on their list of players to sign.

They have to look long and hard at the longevity of the players on their FA list. You won't win many games with the amount of money they had tied up on the 6 game injured list

Still have 2 months


Yeah, I've been trying to guess who gets let go by various teams & who they have to keep. I agree on the 3 to keep. You know the Riders better than I do - I think they might want to keep Clark, Milligan & Marshall. I think they may walk away from Duke.

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Personally, I think the players union screwed themselves a bit with the massive number of free agents this year.

I think we are going to see most guys resign before free agency and there will only be a handful of premium players left