Riders extend 7 year losing streak at commonwealth

Better luck next time Riders!

7 years is a longggggggggggg time!

Esks Rule!
Riders Drule!

The last time the Riders won a game at Commonwealth was in 2000. WoW do they stink!

LOL, come on man, show some class :roll:

Be a gracious winner

Actually they defeated the Eskimo's 14-6 in the West Semi Final IN Edmonton in November of 2004.

But of course im sure you've put that one out of your memory.

I would expect nothing less from EE.....

Last time RIders won a regular season game at Commonwealth was in the year 2000. 7 years is a very long losing streak!

Better luck next time Riders!

Wouldn't you say the playoffs mean more? Since that's what I always get from opposing fans in debates?

You're probably aware that stats in the playoffs are tracked separately from regular season stats. In this thread I am talking about the regular season. If you want to talk playoff stats you're more than welcome to start another thread.

Esks rule!
Riders drule!

I don't think Rider fans want to talk about playoff stats with an Eskimos fan :stuck_out_tongue:

Nowhere in the initial post or title did it say regular season. Just providing the evidence to shoot down your initial argument.

And it's just too convenient that you show up after a win EE, come out of hiding just for this thread?

Where was EE after his team lost to the Lions?

I can think up about 10 possible scenarios in my head, but you're really asking the wrong person :wink:

That'd be a day I would love to see. A rider fan calling out an Eskimo fan, to debate playoff stats and success. It would be a never ending debate however, as the fumes from those combines have messed with their heads for long enough that they would truly, completely, and honestly believe that they won the debate. But, I would love to see it happen. Ahhhh... one can only dream.

I always wonder if those who only post after a win think the others realy care what they have to say