Riders @ Esks

They need to wake up out there. Playing for first and crapping the bed.

Where’s the protection for fajardo

Not sure about the play calling in the first half…lots of yards but…our behind the line swing passes are brutal…ending up 2nd long way too often.

That’s there 3rd no yards this game … Gotta stop giving up that yardage

Playing like they mean it now!

I didnt tune in (was at work) during the ‘crappy’ play. Guess i dont need to watch that part of the PVR.

Yeah I wouldn’t unless you want to swear a little at the tv.

They’ve picked it up now (thank the Lord).

3 min warning
If no mistakes Riders might pull this off

What a finish

That last.drive was a career maker

gotta start playing the first third of games.

Definitely slow start. Hard to say why
Absolutely dominated in the second half

Nice drive for the win…didn’t look like the same team in the second half. Yeah, I think not showing up for the first 1/3 of the game will mean quick playoff exit, home field or not.


problem is that it is most games. This was my big concern going into the season.

My thought is this is fajardo’ s first season. So it should get better with more experience , meanwhile they can bring along the second stringer the proper way, they sure look good though, hope they can stay together next year .

It is not just CF…how many first quarters and even largely second quarters this year have you said ‘did the team even show up?’ They definitely seem to get better as the game goes along, but the team as a whole needs to be better out of the gate.

No doubt the Riders seemingly throughout the year have had problems ‘getting out of the gate’ which is why in many games they won BUT didn’t dominate as they should.
Having said that, it is undeniable, that the Riders have been getting better consistently and steadily from the first game of the season. Now they have a better than likely chance to win the final game in Regina and host the West Final.
I haven’t been this excited about my team since 2013 and the Grey Cup win with DD , Cory Sheets, and all the offensive receivers. I believe the Rider Defense is better now than in 2013
Very exciting, and the 2013 Greycup win on Home Field was against…Hamilton