...GOTW for a stampeder fan :twisted: :smiley:

I’m not sure why it would be. You would think a Stampeder fan would like to see their team remain alone in first place at least for another week.

...why?, to watch two teams near in the standings to the team I cheer for beat the ever-loving crap out of each other...elementary...

Interesting you start a thread 3 days before the game... nothing better to do Red?...

...no, slow day...

but yeah, I have been hearing it is going to big big numbers for attendance for this game...been a while since both of these teams had these records in the same season, so it could be an excellent event to attend.

The Riders/Tino will test out if they can maintain that 2nd half showing. They looked really sharp as they expanded their playbook and teams who planned on loading up to stop the run will have to be thinking twice now. That could open the running game for the balanced attack they prefer.

These teams are close in a lot of stats, especially on D, so it could be a great game if Tino gets going. If not, it will likely be a huge blowout.

Really sharp against Redblacks. LOL :lol:

Looking at ticketmaster site, looks like this game may get over 50,000!!! By the way, REDBLACKS game with Montreal looks like another sell-out. Only a few dozen tickets left.

When you look at the RedBlacks, they actually have a pretty solid D. It is the O that is horrid. Statistically they are actually ranked fairly well for their record, and it is the time of possession that is killing them. You lose the TOP and the D is going to eventually cave and give up the yards. The O actually showed up in that game and they actually won the TOP, which is why it is impressive that a team did so much against them late.

Well, last I checked, seems he destroyed the Bombers also. Mind you, my new niece could probably play and do that. Jealousy because the Bombers shi t the bed again and stole the wrong Rider backup isn't showing to well on you. :lol: :lol:

Your back up did nothing that game. You barely won. Also Ottawa was cheated by the blind and dumb refs. Edmonton will spank your back up what's his face. :lol:

Don’t put a kink in your neck looking at us from the basement… :wink:

I know. It’s a bit of a tough name to pronounce. In Riderland they just call the backup Winnipegs’ next starter to avoid the confusion. :rockin:

C'mon now, who have they picked up in recent memory for QBs that are ex-Riders beyond Willy...well and Glenn, and I guess Jyles, and Bishop



I do think Willy could be a keeper and great pick-up though

We can only go up. Unlike your refriders can go down. :rockin:

The loser of this game may turn out to be the big winner. Despite some good games being put up by Eastern teams, I still think that 4th in the West is a much better position than 3rd. Depending on the enigma that is the Lions, the loser of this game could be destined for the cross-over.

Should be a great one, Riders need to get some early success with the run or this could be a long night for Sunseri.

Don't be so sure... you are 6-6 with your starter... I guess mediocrity caught up with the Bummers...

Winner? Red! :lol:

All Edmonton has to do to win this game is open a 30 point halftime lead. That seems to be how we win our games.

I drove 1000 miles to be at Commonwealth. I'm in section T so the Riders are gonna come through tonite for thw PDog!