I predicted that the Riders will win.. but it will be another close one. Riders need to have their "A" game going to win at Commonwealth, which they rarely do, but I have a gut feeling on this one.

as i said in the other thread... eskimos by nine.

I'm hoping for a game like last week's game in Regina.. with a different outcome, of course. The crowd is expected to be around 60K+, so it should quite the atmosphere today.

who will be the home team as far as fans go?

I think it should be fairly even. I would a slight edge to the Esk fans because they average around 35K per home game.

Overshadowed by Ray's hot handed start was the fact that Durant had one less completion at game's end. He's the real deal...improving with every outing it seems. But in the same class as RR...no. And Ray's getting used to the chip away offence of Strasser and they're not notoriously slow starters that they were in the first half of the schedule.

But one thing continues to bother me about the EE...the D. They played well last week despite giving up 27 but 17 sacks? Bottom of the league and half as many as leaugue leading Mtl, they need to be putting heat on Durant because he finds his skill receivers when he has time. They don't seem to stunt enough in key situations.

But I think at the end of the day, the EE are the slightly better team right now, imo.

Esks by 6. 10,000 Rider fans go home...with their billboards between their legs. 8)

i would bet on more then 10,000

This game is the free ticket voucher game for all K-9 schools in Edmonton. Every student was given a voucher this week that gets you a free youth ticket for every adult ticket purchased. Edmonton gets huge crowds when this promotion is done, like 62,000 vs. Calgary in '03 and 61K or so in '02. I'd guess the crowd will be a majority of Esks fans, with 10,000 Rider fans max.

Ticket sales were 49,000 on Weds. and this game will likely sell out. The 13 thousand tickets sold between Weds. and now would most likely be due to the back to school promotion that is on. And I'd find it hard to believe that ticket sales can jump from 49,000 - 60,000+ only 3 days before the game due to Rider fans attending (If you are from sask and going to edmonton to see a game, its VERY unlikely you decide to do so a day or two before the game - most people would have this planned out and have their tickets purchased at least for a few weeks). Ticket sales to the Calgary game two weeks ago were 47,000, for those wondering.

any way you look at it, the buz on this is that it could be one of the best games to date this year. as a stamps fan, even i can admit, there is no better place to watch a cfl game then a packed commonwelth. im sure some tickets will be bought by riders fan living in edmonton or near by.

Agreed. I'm not trying to run Sask. fans down or anything. You guys do have Sask fans all across the country at other team's stadiums, and it's crazy how it seems like everyone at Mosaic wears a jersey. But you are just being beyond delusional if you think you are putting 20-30K in Commonwealth today.

Anyways, should be a great atmosphere, I can't wait! :thup:

how about 10, 500 then?

Rider fans will have you think that half the crowd will be gangrenous, but they always say that. Fans in E-town know it’ll be a good game so far be it for the team that leads the league in attendance every year come out to support the EE in throngs. Like I said, 10,000 or so Rider fans…loud and proud, not not nearly the numbers they’d have you believe.

everytime i go to an eskimos game, some guys always show up wearing old oilers jersies... like gretsky and messier. at a football game. at the labour day game in calgary, someone was wearing his lanny mcdonald jersy... could be cause unless you liek the riders, its daym near impossible to find a jersy of the team you like.


Go Eskimos go... and take the oilers with ya.

im actually cheering for the esks again... if they win, calgary gets first place in the west. it feels wrong and dirty, but i have to do it.

Politics and sports make strange bedfellows. :lol:

Curse this medication. Passed out again. Fortunately, I didn't miss much. Looks like it's wind as hell in Edmonton... should make for a low scoring game. Yay... Already several two and outs.

seriously, how does witloc still have a job?

Did I miss a fumble? :lol:

Nice pick. That's what I like to see. Nice return for a TD. We may have to rely on the defence today with this nasty wind.

On another note, I really like Edmonton's retro jerseys... except for the E on the shoulder. It just looks out of place.