The saddest thing for the Esks this year is probably that they could beat Saskatchewan all 3 times this year and they still failed to make the playoffs. They couldn't beat anyone and lost nearly all of their close games other than the one Calgary game and the two Saskatchewan games. They have no one to blame but themselves but you can guess they'll still be pissed and come after us to do some damage, especially AJ Gass.

Is this last game in Edmonton going to be the game that sets the tone going into the playoffs, or should we just send a complete back-up team for this game and make a mockery of it? Edmonton has nothing to play for other than sending AJ Gass to maim as many people as possible. Why risk our starters in a nothing game? Then again every game from here on is a road game for us so hopefully it'll get the guys in the right mind set for a road atmosphere if they show up and play even though the game is meaningless.

At least it isn't '99 all over again.
The 'Smos finished 6-12.
The Riders were a dynamic 3-15.
But we lost all 3 games to them that year.

You guys do the math!

Anyway, you still have to try to win these last two games.
Rest guys if they are hurt, but not just to rest them.
Maybe get Crandel some time at QB because he must be rusty, but you can't just sit all your starters.

Teams have done it, but I suspect only with limited success. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
But the record of teams that lose their last regular season game is not as good as that of those that win it.

If I were the Riders I would be playing the revenge card against TO & Edm… ohh and of course lets win for the Gipp…e…r… I mean Roy :slight_smile:

This game is a must win for two reasons. First They need this win to try and keep that competitive edge for the playoffs. Second if we go 0-3 to Edmonton for the season we will never hear the F****** end of it from Eskimo fans.

I'd like to see it, but I can't see the Riders going past the first round.. it's just something about them playing the Stamps...

..........Should have thought of this along time ago...Muhahahahaha!!!!!

If Gass gets chippy, put a spy on him and keep him in line (hi Szarka or Hathaway!)

Even if Edmonton wins the last game and they gloat about beating us 3 times, remind them who IS and who ISN"T in the playoffs!