Riders Esks GDT

I'm biased in this one, should be a gooder.

Quick TD by the Riders, 7-0

Eskimos look out of sorts early on, quite a few early penalties.

And Moniz should be cut. 2 fumbles in 2 games.

I'm thinking the same Dust

There's really no need to put him in there, if you want to run the option play Durant can run it just fine.

Edmonton was rolling there, bad decision by Reilly and it's turned back over.

Someone delete a post?

10-0 Riders early in the 2nd quarter. Both teams with a sloppy turnover so far.

Riders up 10. The O is looking good. The d line needs a bit more pressure.

Yes, I did - Why? Likely idiotness on my part.

13-0 Riders partway through 2. Durant looks sharp so far and the offense is moving the ball well.

I just wanna send out a heart felt thank you to Benevidiot for being such a great DC. Eskimos 2016 Grey Cup champs!

...provided we can put up 50 points a game.

Big play to Bowman there. Riders D had played well up to that point. 13-7 now.

Riders defence exposed badly on that TD.

Somehow BOTH of the DEs were side by side on the far left side of the line. Then the receiver-turned-DB blew his coverage and let Bowman run free.

Esk returner somehow mixed up the football thinking it was a loaf of bread on that return. Carry the ball like that and it's getting stripped every time.

That was really good coverage by the defender, just a bit lucky on the tip play by Collins.

Kickers continue their bad night at extra points.

I don't know how many times I can say Benevidiot sucks. Hervey, realize your mistake and correct it.

Lots of new faces, I wouldn't panic just yet.

Riders DLine is giving Reilly all day to throw. No pressure at all.