Riders/Esks 2

Not to take anything away from the Esks win today, but the Argos played like sht, and the Esks weren't much better. I wish the Argos had played like that back when we played them in week 3. And with the Esks, Ray did basicly nothing through the air and I was very surprised not to see him rebound after the Hamilton game. It was all basicly Davis, I guess no one is used to the Esks running the ball yet. Ray does have a history of rebounding, which does worry me going into next week because he has played two shtty games in a row.

Also we have won 3 in a row now against Edmonton dating back to the Taylor Field game of last season, we have shut down Troy Davis in 4 consecutive games, and Ray's passing game is indeed struggling. All these factors lead to great things from our defense if we can keep the pressure on Ray. I just hope we don't force him out of the pocket too much because he might have some room to run on the odd broken play. I like to rely on the D more than our offense, but If our offense can keep pace with where they left off vs Montreal I don't have any doubt in a Riders victory.

I just hope the guys can keep it together mentally, too many mental mistakes cost us the game against Montreal. With the season on the line here, I have no question that our good Rider team will show up, but they have to bring their mental game too. A rare bad game from Holmes is hopefully the last bad game we see from him. It sure was nice seeing Szarka run the ball, but it got predictable at the end with him charging up the gut and the Als shut him down in the end. We'll have to be sure to keep things fresh on offense and try to stetch out the Esks D through the air to open up the run game.

I agree with you that we went to the well to many times with Szarka. I have been wanitng him to ge the ball, but not on every hand off. One thing that i did like is that they didn't give the ball off to Kenton Keith up the middle, he's not that kind of runner, thats is where they should use Szarka. The defense really disappointed me. They are the best aspect of our game and they didn't show.
I have complete confidence that we can beat those bloddy Eskimos, 'Cause id rather be a rider than a f****** Eskimo! :wink:

Well watching from my seats at TF last time these 2 teams met, I'm looking forward to an even better game today.


:lol: :lol: