Riders @ Eskies

While a 3-4 can be prone to a running game the chances of the secondary being picked apart are reduced....that is the point of a 3-4...you are applying an extra person to a zone.

As far as pressure there is fair argument that there is less overall pressure but when it is applied it is more effective because there is more guess work on defending it

Yes but the issue here is that as you pointed out the Eskimos used this look in their D last year and therefore the Edmonton's offense will not be as easily confused. I can see where having 4 back will help in the short and intermediate pass game but the long ball I think will still be there. Bowman on Gainey and Gainey gets beat like a rented mule. Only hope is for Bowman to have one of his dropsy games.

It really depends on how it is applied....if they do an zone under or something, for instance, you won't see much for long ball exposure

Thing is...no idea what this D will apply for strategy....especially in the secondary. They showed little in PS because they were doing so much interviewing...week 1 was more like a lot of secondaries approach PS2. This and the next game will tell a lot as to their philosophy moving forward...cuz right now we don't know

There is a pile more to a 3-4 that simply the fact that there are 3 on the OL...it has way more looks than a 4-3. A perfect example of something that thne Riders can do in a 3-4 is put Newsome and Jones in as inside LBs...something the Lions have done effectively as well...because they are very physical LBs. Newsome is very capable of stepping back and playing LB duties...so who is the LB and who is blitzing...or are they both droppingback? That is something that not a lot of teams have the personnel to run effectively. In this situation they likely drop the NI off the line and put Campbell into the secondary....and I actually think he pairs well to Bowman...better than Gainey and I am hoping we see that matchup at some point. That is not even getting into coverage as a whole...you can dio some zone under and shadow a QB which often forces throws he does not want....you can do a zone over with a big rush and not let his deep ball develop (something I am hoping for, but not anticipating)...fuerth, a DT can push to the edge and one of the LBs come in essentially making ait a 4-3 anyways...to put it simply...3-4 is much more to take on...but does promote a ground game, and generally quick hitter passes. I like the Rider speed on the edges...so the quick hitters should favour them...but runs up the middle are a big threat. I also personally prefer more 4-3 because it is easier to stuff the gaps and contain...but 3-4 does generally offer more opportunity for big plays by a D doewnfield if it is running proficiently. When you see Jones run a 4-3 there is also a good probability that it is going to turn into a 3 man fron as well...especially with Newsome/Leonard...they have a strong ability to do that (Lemon was way behind them here but equal or ahead in other areas).

With wins by Winnipeg and Toronto in BC yet, just shows you anything can happen in the CFL>
A Rider upset is definitely not beyond the realm of possibility. :cowboy:

I was actually thinking the same thing. Still I wouldn't put any money on it happening. I would though love to be pleasantly shocked.

Yeh I hear ya, and I don't think we'd be alone. :thup:

Moniz better be getting a one way bus ticket to anywhere :x

yah he's 2 for 2!! :x :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Cox can have his portion at the table tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

Doubles is looking really good, for a guy who missed 1 1/2 years of ball. This team is looking good right now!! :rockin:

man, i dunno....something looks amiss with DD. He's definitely not the same, like he's hurting already?

We where lucky we made OT, I am not convinced on Jones D yet, but it show signs at times of something great... I am not in Fav of this 3 front line up and as Jimmy said REILLY would pick us apart was so true, you have to put pressure on a QB and he had none. It was good to see J Knox Jr back and a few others on the D played excellent.

Our O played good for the most part, Roseveelt, we know can catch, but Collins is gonna be another one to follow, it was good to see Dempsky had playing time, and hey Bagg is Bagg... I am not sold on Chambers or Chiles.. time will tell!

I thought DD played well was flat in the middle of the game, but fumbles and penilties and just bad play caused that.

The Fumbles and bad penalties need to stop, I do not like Bartels punting, and we need a good RB Steel is not the guy.

When this team finally wins one... :roll: it will be because of Doubles and the O...

ARRGGGHH so close but man the turnovers are killing us. Also the 3 man rush is not the answer. Reilly torched us in the 3rd quarter bad and 19 seconds and that soft on coverage? UGH.

All right we didn't get killed and that was a pleasant surprise and if we could hold on to the freaken ball this one was ours. Yes the Eskimos shot themselves in the foot plenty too but they can continue that trend all year for all I care.

DD is really starting to get in the groove and except that bad pass attempt to Dempsky into double coverage I thought he was quite impressive.

So, so close but still 0-2 and I still say you take the 3 in OT and take your chances in the second one.

I'd also like to add, not 1 sack tonight, kuddo's to our O line, and boo to are 3 man rush!!

Yeah except on 3rd down gambles. Man less then a yard and you cant get it? Brutal.

Man…once this secondary comes together this should be a pretty solid D…Francis made a few mistakes in there but also showed well a few times…I would still like to see Campbell in there…they needed to mix in some more man under.

Riders may not have scored a sack against one of the more mobile QBs and better OLs in the league…but Reilly had heat on him a fair bit that forced some decisions…comparing pressure the Riders won the battle anyways…

they gave up less on the ground than I thought they would…yes, some nice runs there, but they also put them in 2nd and long a fair bit

The undersized DT showed in short yardage…DL was dominated in those situations

Caps does not fit a 3 man front super well…still looks good with a 4, but he is more of a make a move guy than a bull through type…that is less effective on a 3-man front

O looked pretty good…too slow to adjust in the 3rd which hurt them a lot…but they did adjust…so that is a good sign. Something I mentioned after the last game was turning some of the quick hitters into more slants and such…they did a lot of that and it really seemed to help

Was starting to think Chambers/DD chemistry was going to be a total bust…but they got on the same page in the 2nd half…which is obviously pretty important…had they been clicking in the first half this game may have been over after 30

Was high on Collins through camp up to date…really glad he is justifying that…seems like he is going to be everything I was hoping for and then some.

Cox looked much improved…he could be a staple in the D if he continues progressing…

the last play…really torn on…almost every time I like the call…but the short yardage has been absolutely stunningly horrid…and a lot of that is on Clark…probably should have kicked…hate the empty backfield look on it…seems nobody keeps a player back there…I don’t get it. What pissed me off was at the end of regulation giving up so much room on the sideline…fine…do that over the middle…play back…you need to protect the sidelines though. I get it…prevent D…let stuff go underneath…but yikes…keep 2 ways back and then just play a little soft man on everyone else to take away the edges…but at lease Jones owned up to it after and said the calls at the end were mistakes…live and learn I guess

They gotta do something about Clark…he has been a liability in both games snapping wise…move him to G and put someone else in the middle…brutal

Missed convert = massive

Refs had a good game…only beef was some of the spotting…both ways…hope they rewatch and clean that up

Still not a fan by a long shot of the 3 man front and worse yet they didn’t even try to disguise it at all. I mean at least make them think a bit before you only rush 3 but nope 3 guys line up and the rest way off the line is fairly obvious what is what. Lol Caps was a ghost on D and for someone that we went after I’m starting to wonder if this is going to turn into another Lemon situation where we try to move him and get hosed again. They seem to like that.

The defense was far too soft all game and Reilly actually didn’t look sharp at all otherwise I think they would have exploited the situation worse. Yes the last 19 seconds and you give up that much cushion on the sidelines not once but twice? That was just plain brutal.

The issue with going for it on the last play is that you have had little success on other attempts so now you think it going to work fine? Jones wears that one. Get the tie and live to play on. I mean even if you come out of Edmonton with a tie at least it is positive points. A stupid call.

Muniz is toast or should be. Yes the exchange the week before was debatable if it was Clark or Muniz I still think it was Muniz but the one last night was all on him. Oh and Lawrence is skating on pretty thin ice too. One recovered fumble and one lost. The lost one cost us 7. His returns really haven’t exactly been game changers either.

Jones is a river boast gambler and it is all fine when it works but man you look stupid when it doesn’t. That on side kick was huge but still with that much time to give up the ball near the 50 yard line could have been the end early. Yes he caught the Eskimos napping a bit but still it was a pretty high risk play considering there was like 5 or 6 mins to play. We don’t get that kick and your pretty much toast. I think Jones may regret more then a few of those gambles later on if he continues them.

Still like I said I was surprised that we didn’t get blown out but disappointed how we shot ourselves in the foot too many times. The turnovers on downs and fumbles needs to stop now. Oh and for the love of God please get some resemblance of a pressure D line.

I didn't think the Eskimos would the swamp Riders and THEY DIDN'T!!!!
The Riders looked much better this second game. Definite progress against a good Edmonton team!!!!
Unfortunately close isn't gonna cut it. Some things are looking up.
All Knit Picking aside the fact is: without the turn overs we're sitting at 2-0.
Damm. :cowboy: