Riders @ Eskies

Trying to convince myself that the Riders will win somehow.

Not a chance in hell… maybe later in season… maybe

Riders by 10.

That's the spirit greenandwhite.

Like I said in the other post if the Riders use the weak *** 3 man front we get slaughtered and by a lot. If they wise up and get pressure on Reilly all night we lose by less then 10-14. Heck with a few lucky bounces we even may pull the upset by 3.

Aw crap who spiked my kool aid ? Seriously I think we lose in all reality. How bad is the real question.

Looking at the schedule I say if were lucky we will be 3-7 by the 10 game mark and that is wins against Ottawa, Montreal (a long shot in Montreal) possibly a win in Hamilton (again a long shot). We could be a low as 1-9 though very easily too. We may win back to back against Winnipeg

I know sounds pretty gloomy but we do have a really tough schedule in the first half and BC is far better then I expected, Calgary while not the power house they were will still be in the hunt for first along with Edmonton. I do think our second half of the season will be far better with a possibility of 4-5 wins. So if they can muster 3 tough wins in the first 10 they may be as high as 8 wins by season end or as few as 5.

The surprise for me was BC clubbing Hamilton - so I thought that would be cool if the Riders get unexpected rewards their way and then to pull it off is possible. Mitch Gale I'd like to see him step up and grab the #2 QB behind Durant.

I am anticipating that this game will show that the Riders should have chased a NI DT harder than they did Caps....even though I like the guy...and kept Lemon for the other side (there is a lot more to that one for sure....but that is how it played out because they lacked a 2nd DE). I think there will be more pressure applied, but not sure this team is ready to push a Cover 0. I do expect to see some Man Under schemes this week as they ran mainly Over last week, but I think are ready for that progression...that will allow extra pressure on the QB.

Most concerning thing for me was the SB/RB coming into a nearside out last game...was wide open in the flats several times...but I know they will be all over that in film review. I have said it before...I am a fan of mixing in some zone over man...Jones is not...but I think mixing this in on some 2nd and long situations could catch Reilly off guard and create a turnover. I can see them looking at mixing some zone under in there though...and this will help on the SB/RB near flats I mentioned....will likely see the safety roll forward with this and the MLB shift so that the edge LB will either cover or blitz while the DE drops into that zone....I like that as a resolution to mix in there at times with the D the Riders have....though I know not to expect a pile of zone...so whatever lol

Brooks being out hurts...guessing Gainey will be dressed and Dixon not.
Expecting Knox to make the 44 this week...but at this point he is going to have a hard time winning his starting spot back...they found a good LB there I think

I pray that they have a lot more in their playcalling on O...the short passes need to be grown on...they were way too predictable because they were not extending the same playsets last week...urn some of those hooks into slants for example...keep the d honest. they need to attack the edges more or DD is going to have a long game. and they need to be willing to expose the middle....they practiced that a lot but never really showed it in action last week.

I think DD struggled later in the game....I know he tweeked his ankle a bit and it was his first 60 minutes in some times....so that is to be expected....he should only improve one would assume

Williams it out at DT and Labatte is likely out at OG...awesome stuff

Lol man in never rains but it pours. This team has a black cloud hanging over it and I don't know what is going to get the wind to change and bring some sunshine upon it.

Speaking of which, in PA we just got hammered with hail and torrential downpours. the weather channel was predicting "light thunder showers" Lol trust me while there was very little thunder or lightning there certainly was rain and hail and plenty of both. Streets flooding all over the place.

yeah…there are tornado watches

also…I should clarify…Williams was banged up and very shortly after declared out…not a great sign. BL did not practice and there was no idea when he would return…so not saying he is out yet

Perhaps they should start Coleman and releive him with Sims. At least that way we will know if Coleman can complete a pass to someone other then the opposing team and Sims would get some much needed excersize. :smiley:

Sims is gone

LaBatte is practicing....so that is a good sign

What Sim costing them too much at the all you can eat buffets? :wink:

Back to the original post asking how we feel about the Riders winning…
Edmonton, despite the exodus of coaches to Saskatchewan, is still a solid team. They will easily win.
I only pray we escape injury free as our depth is suspect at many positions. I think our defense will give Edmonton some problems but you can’t play defense for 42 minutes and win a game.
Keys to winning - two TDs on turnovers are necessary.
I’ll be watching and hoping but ‘hope’ is not a plan.
Anyone got any ideas WHO can pull off a turnover TD?

I do, but the problem is they no longer play here!! :roll:

A.C. Leonard :rockin:

I don't think Edmonton will win easily.
My concern is as mention on Rider Website, the "death feeling" that begins to set in early when a team doesn't win a game. The longer the Riders go without winning, either by good game planning and execution or by 'LUCK' the harder it will be for players to believe they can win.
The Riders definitely need a win...... :cowboy:

Edmonton will probably win easily and win big. I'm just hoping they don't pull any 3rd down qb sneaks using Durant and have him get hurt. A score of 48 to 17 would not shock me

IN: 8 Gale*, 10 Edwards*, 11 Gainey*,15 Kinne*, 69 Estelle*,

OUT: 8 Lemon*, 16 Coleman*, 25 28 Dixon*, 75 Williams*

Lothing of surprise there....
I know most likely expected a Gainey/Dixon swap...pointed out after the last game Dixon isn't ready
Lemon...obviously...they now sit with 4 at QB...so that is his extra spot...would suspect 4 are on because someone was looking around the PR
Coleman off not shocking, but a little surprising...despite Moniz fumble last week I fully expect him to be the short yardage guy
Gale was picking stuff up really fast...seeing him listed as #2 so fast is surprising...but he was doing well in

With Williams getting sixed we see a NI starting at DT...definately a point to watch...this is concerning because it would appear it is a designated ratio spot...so if he struggles the options will be limited. They are starting an extra international on the OL.

Edwards on the 46...I really want to see what he cane do...lots of hype. I am thinking he might not make the 44 though.

Agreed and with Gainey in I look for them to go after him hard like they did in preseason and burned him a few times.

With a suspect DT I have a feeling we will see a lot of the 3-4 lineup and that means Reilly will probably have all day to pick the backfield apart. If he doesn't like what he sees he will pull it and run. This could be a slaughter.

Again if we had a dominant RB that could help grind out some good gains and keep the offense on the field it could have been the only saving grace. Even if they didn't score much it would help keep the Eskimos offence sitting. Sadly though we don't have that kind of RB so ...