Riders @ Eskies


13-1 riders

riders are playing MUCH better this game.

KJ throwing more accuratly and Fantuz is holding on to the passes this time.

looks like a good crowd out in edmonton....always nice to see.

good game so far....but the eskies need to establish a run game.

omg Fantuz. This guy has been a disaster this season.

fantuz, WTF....bench his ass.

wheres yo murphy when u need him?

luckly KJ can pick up 1st downs on his own....geez.

Kind of looked like Cory Rogers last night with that picture perfect Jarius pass and he dropped it. Unacceptable and embarrassing.


the esks should put in tyler ebell...non-existant ground game right now.

ARMSTEAD.....joins Levingston for only the 2nd return for a TD this season!!!!

Seems like the Eskimos have no interest in winning. I really don't think Ricky Ray should have thrown that long pass. A short pass picking up the six yards they needed would have been better. Instead, the ball was turned over and the Riders scored a TD.

OMG AGAIN....FANTUZ, U SUCK!!!...almost looked like a replay of that other drop.

Why did they kick that field goal on 2nd and 1?

Edit, nvm...

He's still young... Sophomore jinx I guess...

its just disgusting to watch perfect passes ( for LONG gains ) be dropped over and over by the same guy.

fantuz makes those 2 catches, and thats prolly 70 yards right there.

I believe Fantz needs contact lenses. Honest, I'm not kidding.

Congi missed! Didn't sk. run a kicker out of town for missing the "give me" field goals?

Sk, left a lot of points on the table.

Hmm. What happenned to Paul McCallum was criminal. but the stakes were a little bit higher with his kick...

Robert Brown has softer hands than Fantuz, lol.

that was to easy

that was crazy lol

What the hell… Did the Riders even come out of the locker room this half!!!