Riders enter off-season proud of accomplishments

WINNIPEG —  Choosing to take the high road and use this time as a celebration of their season, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were far from crushed after losing to the Grey-Cup bound Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Great season no shame, just short with a young and great QB...and looking forward to a new season onward and upward.


No shame, but still crushed.

SRR had no help from their 13th man to get them the win.

Cody Fajardo needs to improve his long ball throwing ability and accuracy in this off season. He has all the necessary skills to lead the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the promised land. I wish him all the very best in the 2022 season. :exclamation:


To Craig Dickenson, Jeremy O'Day and Mr. Reynolds, Thank you for your effort this season. What a joy to see my beloved Riders play such meaningful football. I love our tenacity starting with guys like Fajardo, Powell and Duke. Our O line improved so much and our Canadian talent is exciting. Next year we take down Goliath. Thanks for the excitement and class leadership. Our coaching staff is second to none. Goodbye until 2022. Go Riders!


Proud of accomplishments? This was an organization and fan base who went into the season thinking they could win the cup and Fajardo would be a shoe in for MOP. They finished lower in the standings, still can't beat the Bombers and Fajardo was no where near the MOP level...

Close but no cigar, boys. On the bright side you got to play 2 more games than my Lions so that ain't too shabby.


To CFL.ca
It is respondents like this that ruin our site and the joy of the game. A lack of class to the Stamps and their fans. Fortunately they are not all on the low level you set to aim for as a "cfl fan", I use that term lightly. Your absence was appreciated, all be it too short.

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Is this not a valid position? Seems to me it is.

Cody says they just couldn't buy a break? He had 6 turnovers to work with and did almost nothing with them. What more do you need Cody?

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The article reads "I can not catch a break".
Not sure that turn overs are a break, I guess you can argue that both ways. Against Calgary I felt the call on a block on the return for a TD being called back was a break for Calgary. Yesterday the late catch by Williams could have been a break for Fajardo. The injury to Williams on that catch took him out of the game, could be viewed as a break for Winnipeg. The Riders would certainly have gone back to him had he continued playing. It is what makes the games exciting.
Demski's near catch and then interception early in the game in the end zone was an excellent throw by Collaros, a bad catch, maybe due to the cold by Demski and a good play for Gainey even though his man was not covered very well, he caught the ball near the out of bounds marker on a cold day. Great entertainment, on the edge of our seat all game.

I don’t think it is valid in that there is no proof of your statements, such as the Rider organization and fan base thought Fajardo was a shoe in for MOP. I don’t recall that being a thing. If charitably your post could be called valid as an opinion, even if it has no factual basis, my question and I think the point being made is why do you feel the need to post it in the first place?

You are trying to stir a pot that doesn’t need stirring and insulting Rider fans when they are down and their team just lost a hard fought game. I don’t think we should be doing that to anyone.

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Fajardo needs a better offensive line. That's gotta be his number one on his wish list to Santa (number two would be healthy receivers). One or two huge tackles (not guards) later and you won't see him running for his life to buy time against our pass rush. BC is way worse off than Saskatchewan. I can't believe the beatings Reilly has taken behind that crappy front five.

Great game by the way! I wanna replay you guys in next year's final too! :smiley: :+1:

Yet better than the Stamps...

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Who said Fajardo was a shoe in for MOP? Any team that loses 4 of 5 olineman will struggle.

The turnovers were as good as punts.

That is what I said.

No one punts from the end zone or one yard line. The first two turnovers took 14 points off the board so that was a break. The muffed Williams catch call was also a huge break.

The fumble was a hell of a defensive play. Give credit where it's due

The first pick was offset by a deflected punt. Net 0.

The turnovers, while alot of them, were in Rider territory so basically a punt