Riders, Elks Injury Report: Williams sits out Tues.

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks and Saskatchewan Roughriders have field their injury reports ahead of their game on Friday at Mosaic Stadium.

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This Rider team has been a train wreck for injuries all season long. Would be nice to get some games at full health.

They're not the only ones. Elks have had as many, Hamilton also. It's unfortunate but that's why you have a big roster & PR. :sunglasses:

The Bombers aren’t far behind those teams for sheer numbers of injuries to starters. And of course BC and Ottawa have suffered the two most serious/impactful injuries of any teams, even if their overall injury numbers are pretty good.

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Comparable to BC & Ottawa in numbers, yes, but not in losing Rourke & Masoli. Wpg has had a fairly stable roster when you look at their depth charts. Currently 8 on 6 game which includes Alexander & Maston who weren't expected to play anyway. That's pretty small compared to the Elks & Hamilton which are far ahead of the 3 clubs you mentioned. The Elks fielded only 12 of their projected starters out of the gate this year. TiCats similar right from the get-go. Currently 13 on 6 game including starting LT, QB, top 2 receivers, RB. TiCats have 12 on 6 game including QB, starting RT, top receiver & so on. Elks have run through 12 QB's - of course not all due to injury. But Elks & TiCats both have had trouble for most of the season fielding the same 5 on OL. Ellingson & Couture are losses for sure but it's hard to feel sorry for the Bombers. There's no comparison, Jon IMO. :sunglasses:

I don’t expect you to feel sorry for the Bombers and admitted that they weren’t as bad as Hamilton for sure and maybe Edmonton and that the most damaging injuries were to Rourke and Masoli. I suppose you could now include Edmonton without Lawler as another team that has lost their best player, which Winnipeg has not. Still, they have a pretty good accumulation of injuries in Winnipeg with Kyrie Wilson also long gone for the season. Without 2/3 of their starting linebackers for the year. Numerous injuries on the O line and at receiver with Agudosi as well and Jeffcoat playing obviously hurt all year and missing some time. It is their depth that makes it less noticeable I would say.

Fajardo son was born healthy and he is starting Friday


Picture the Bombers without Collaros, top two receivers, top offensive veteran lineman and their two best defensive lineman, and not out for just one game. Then talk about depth, the reality is the Bombers have been really lucky with injuries. That is why you have a PR and IL, but no Collaros, Jefferson, Jeffcoats, Demksi, Wolitarsky, Augustine and Hardrick then see what the W/L is. Saskatchewan has/had Fajardo, Clark, Williams, Evans, Robertson, Lanier, Leonard and Morrow out all but one at the same time. Not really much of a comparison.

We HAVE been lucky injury-wise. We also haven't been hit by any nasty stomach flu's either.

Has everyone on the Riders gotten over that nasty bug? I haven't heard any updates (or upchucks) on that.

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Really? Craig Dickenson is starting his players a bit young, isn't he?
I mean he arrives on earth and is starting in 3 days! Not much time to even practise ! :wink: LOL

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I still see some illness comments on the injury list. On the Bomber GM side, great pickup with Schoen could have a great career if he stays healthy.

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