Riders Economic Impact Statement

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The Saskatchewan Roughriders today released updated details on the team’s impact on the provincial economy.

• Over the next 30 years, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will generate over $2.85 billion in provincial economic impact.

• Regular season games will generate over $82 million each year. This $82m per year in economic impact generates over $14m in taxes each year, which equates to $420m over the next 30 years.

• 2013 Grey Cup game and festival to generate over $123 million in provincial economic Impact

Hosting a Grey Cup has significant economic impact on Regina, exceeding the economic impact of a full regular season of home games. This result is due to the large number of visiting spectators, their extended stay, and the extra organization and extraordinary setup costs involved with hosting the Grey Cup game and the Grey Cup Festival which has impact for months prior to the game itself. In years with a near sold-out season and the hosting of the Grey Cup, total economic impact to the province exceeds $200 million.

“Based on the input of information provided by the Riders, and using the STEAM model created by the Conference Board of Canada, a Rider home game regular season would generate an industry output of $82,716,931 which would support $28,846,226 in wages and salaries which is the equivalent of 424 full time jobs. This includes the generation of over $14,000,000 in municipal, provincial and federal taxes. In addition to the economic impact, there is also a degree of social and cultural impact due to the pride and loyalty of fans and the world-wide media attention our Riders receive. This attention increases the perception and awareness of Regina and Saskatchewan which can increase visitation throughout the year.?

Larry Hiles
Regina Regional Opportunities Commission

To quote Super Troopers, "that's alotta hooch"

Show this to the NIMBYs and CAVErs who oppose the new stadium...

If NIMBYs are pretty well the same throughout the country, then I can pretty well guarantee that they'll find a way to dispute the numbers. Or try to, anyway. :?

The main problem I have with the new stadium is that they did not put a roof on it and didnt add any more seats. It's basically just an upgraded Mosiac stadium. Spending more for a dome would have paid off more in the long run.

... I really wanted to reply to this thread with 'oh yeah? what about the Rider's Offensive Impact Statement?! haha'...and then I checked the stats and thought 'yeah, that won't really be effective'...not sure why I actually confessed this either...

Didn't I read somewhere that the stadium is design for expansion and a roof to be added later, presumably after a chunk of the foundation is paid off?

Part of the stipulation for the province to pitch in money is that it needs to be designed so a roof could be added at some other time. Whether that would ever happen, I have my doubts.