Riders dump Hill after arrest

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REGINA (CP) -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released running back Hakim Hill five days after he was arrested in the United States on suspicion of drunk and disorderly conduct.

"Hakim and his family are fine people and they will remain in our thoughts and prayers during this process," Roughriders GM Eric Tillman said in a statement Thursday. "Nevertheless, we have a moral responsibility to place the good name of our organization ahead of any individual circumstance."

The Arizona Republic reported on its website Thursday that Hill was involved in an early-morning shouting match on Feb. 24 outside a motel in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The match involved Hill's brother, Roughriders receiver Khalil Hill, and as many as two women.

After police responded to the motel disturbance, Hakim Hill greeted officers outside and tried to pay an officer for a ride.

"(Hakim Hill) said he would give me money if I drove him to the area of Scottsdale and McDonald roads," the officer wrote in his report.

"Hill then pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and showed it to me. I told him I was a police officer and not a taxi cab."

Hill has had a history of off-field problems. While with the Toronto Argonauts in 2005, Hill was arrested and charged with speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol in Scottsdale.

Hill's college career came to an abrupt end after he was arrested and charged following a fight with police officers, resulting in his dismissal from Northern Iowa University. Previously Hill was kicked out of Arizona State University for breaking team rules.

Wait a minute now. Where are all the stubble jumpers that claimed the riders were only doing the decent thing with Trevis Smith by "standing behind their man"??? They claimed that any CFL team would have done the same thing if one of their players were investigated for aggravated sexual assault. You know, innocent until proven guilty, and all that jazz.

Hmmm... seems to me the riders learned their lesson after the public outcry over the classless way in which they clung on to Smith in a vain attempt to win games, even though they knew about his legal issues. As Tillman said "we have a moral responsibility to place the good name of our organization ahead of any individual circumstance". Hakim Hill has not been found guilty of anything. He's simply been arrested on suspicion of drunk and disorderly conduct, which is a far less serious crime than aggravated sexual assault. Yet, he has been cut for it, as Tillman doesn't want to associate himself with a player that is going to reflect badly on the organization. Put the team ahead of the individual. Novel concept for rider fans, apparently. You see, rider fans, THAT'S how an organization with an ounce of class deals with the situation when a player is in trouble with the law. Too bad they didn't have the same common sense with Smith.

Where are the geniouses that felt that the riders didn't have the legal option to cut Smith, since he would sue them, especially if he was found innocent in court? Will Hakim Hill now be suing the riders?? Ummm nope. Just like Smith would have NOT had the option to sue the riders. That was just a weak, lame excuse to try and cover up the riders classless, moraless behavior. Football contracts are not guaranteed. You can be cut for any reason, whatsoever, at any time, whatsoever. Classy organizations know when to cut ties with a player, no matter how much talent he may have. Others, don't. As for the argument that "any CFL team would have done the same" with the Trevis Smith case. Game, Set, Match. You lose. It would appear even the riders have caught up with the rest of the league, and are cutting ties with players that will reflect badly on the organization. Even though his trial hasn't even begun. I would argue that most teams would have cut Smith. So would have the riders, if Tillman was their GM at the time. Some teams are just a bit slow to learn, that's all.

theres also the issue that his criminal charges, if found guilty, would prevent him from crossing the border to play here...

…this action Tillman has taken certainly reinforces the theory that Shivers and Barrett protected (needlessly) a friend of theirs at some cost to their employer’s reputation…

…I would imagine that the Riders took a look at the fallout over the Smith incident and handled this current issue differently as a result…that being said, I would recommend to all those that belittle the Riders organization for the manner in which they handled the Smith affair that a new leaf has been turned and your distain for the previous rider mgmt can be shelved…just a thought…

A sensible thought I should think.

Looks to me like the Hill brothers may be more trouble than they are worth. With Hakim released, can Khalil be far behind?

Well this time they got it right.

As radio's Paul Harvey says... click here
to hear (long pause) ...the r-r-r-rest of the story!"

especially the part about Tillman's 'due diligence'
which some people recklessly questioned on Ticat.ca

Eric Tillman:

"We made this contract after hours
and hours of discussion with Hakim,

his representative, his parents
and others close to him."

Here is what I think.

This isnt Danny and Roy anymore. Its Tillman and Austin.

It is a little bit different when a player has been playing on your team for 6 years compared to being signed 2 weeks ago.

The part that got me when I read this article the most was:

"Hakim and his family are fine people and they will remain in our thoughts and prayers during this process."

... Doesnt look like you think he is a fine person... lol. I hate how Eric Tillman talks... He never tells it like it is, or I should say he never says what ever is truly on his mind. I guess actions speak louder than words though..

sask jail breakers

It seems they recruit from the US Justice system. I heard they were having try outs at Huntsville Texas next week.

That isn't the leat bit funny!

that's actually quite pathetic!


I haven’t seen enough of Tillman, but you can bet Austin won’t tolerate anyone ruining his team’s rep.

The headline read that Hill was released after his arrest. He was never “under investigation” for a long peroid of time. Trevis Smith was released after he was arrested as well. There is a huge difference between being investigated and being arrested. If you are under investigation, that means the cops are looking into allegations against you. Im wondering if all of you armchair cops and moralists ever considered this-- when the cops told the Rider organization that Smith was HIV+ and was “under investigation”, Roy or someone more than likely asked the RCMP what he was being investigated for-- and cops being cops probably said “we are not at liberty to discuss this at this time.” They knew the cops were interested in him, but maybe they were in the dark as to why. Yes, the Rider management could have made a conclusion as to what it was, but that would have been pure speculation on their part. The only person who might be able to tell you if the Rider brass knew the nature of the investigation is Roy Shivers.

Cheer up CFLbest of all people I thought you would find some humor. It is nice to see the Riders now have a stable managment team that does not tolerate imagine ruinning players on the team. I see the Riders a team on the rise now they have gotten rid of the garbage that managed the team before.

Is this the same old Shivers that stated the Riders were poor and yet had the second largest pay roll. Or is it the Roy Shivers that said a grey cup in a 5 year plan but took 7 years to get the team to third place. Hmmm. Yes you are correct they will noot release details to an investigation. However, usually where there is smoke there is fire right. Shivers decided he did not want to lose a player of Mr. Smiths calibre. So he kept him on until he was arrested good decision or bad decision it is up to everyones opinion I guess. But you have to admit this was not good news for the Rider organization or the team when they are trying for success. The good news is this new managment group looks like they will steer the good ship Riders in the right direction. IMO I think this team is in good hands it may take a year or two but hey you guys gave snake skin oil salesman Shivers 7 years right.

no matter how far we get away from roy and danny... no matter what the topic of the thread is...

larrysmiles always seems to railroad the conversation to roy and trevis!

it's in the past and i'd personally like to move on, as most others already have.

anyways back on topic...

i think that the riders handled this great. they we gracious enough to give this young man his second chance on his word that he had not had a drink since september 2005.

whether he was arrested or notis not really the deal-breaker here. hakim admittedly has a drinking problem and the reports from the arizona police stated that he had a blood alcohol level of beyond 0.2. any body who understand the blood alcohol level system could tell you that is a very high level of alcohol.

hakim broke his word and the riders could no longer continue to put effort into bringing him to canada.

imo, the arrest was not what the problem was, the riders were going out on a limb for this guy and he couldn't keep it together. they would have taken the same action if they had seen him out drinking.

Looks to me like the Hill brothers may be more trouble than they are worth. With Hakim released, can Khalil be far behind?
it said there was a shouting match between hakim and kahlil.

maybe kahlil was mad at him for drinking again and jeprodizing his future.

just a guess, and obviously we don’t know all the details. but don’t be so quick to shoot down kahlil, he should not be persecuted for his brother’s mistakes.

No doubt...