Riders due for a loss

The Riders lost because they were due for a loss. No team goes undefeated thru 18 games in this league. 5-1 is still a pretty good record in the first six games. At that pace they could go a lofty 15-3, and that no doubt would make them a first place team--right where we'd like them to end up.

Calgary's a solid team, and they were due to beat the Riders. They were better and tougher in the trenches. They were hungrier than the Riders, more focused, more prepared, just flat-out better than the Riders. Riders made too many mistakes and took too many penalties. The Riders made a game effort to get back in the game in the third quarter, but Calgary wasn't about to let this one get away. So now the Riders can regroup and refocus for the next third of the season. Montreal had better be ready to meet a much hungrier Rider team next week.

I'll take 5-1 every time. BC beats Calgary and we beat Als we are back in first. We have a tougher 2nd half then other teams so we need the wins ow.

It was a legitimate loss with a few bogus calls but what you gonna do?? There's tons of football left, with MTL and EDM in the next two weeks we could solidly sit at 7-1 and once again have a hold on 1st place. I just HATE losing to cgy. Mostly because I live in Alberta and most of people here don't really watch football and just talk sh** when they're team wins without any real football knowledge. Now I have to listen to how the Riders are going to spiral out of control because "Cgy always sends us into a tailspin because that's what happens every year" from people who go to stamps games wearing flames stuff.

Calgary's O-Line did well, Stamps OC found cracks [Cornish untouched] in Halls Def. LB's? ...ect. Roughriders played O.K. in their house.

The so-called fans in Calgary can talk all the smack they want to over this particular game. There’s 12 more games to go, and the Riders still have one more game there in October. We’ll see who gets the better of that one, and who prevails in the playoffs. At least they can figure on another good crowd back there because half the stands will be full of Rider fans. They can gloat for now but Rider Nation will have the last laugh this year because this year’s Rider team is a lot different from last year–they’re just a whole lot better–just wait and see–you heard that right here.

One positive is that the Riders have played the least home games out of anyone. To go 3-1 on the road is impressive to start the season.

Sidenote:Stamps fans always calls our fans hillbillies, but I saw A LOT of people wearing red in that crowd who resembled Larry the Cable Guy to a T!

Rednecks vs Hillbillies - perfect

Except non of our fans actually look like hillbillies. The point I was making is that their fans actually resemble Deliverance more than ours do.

IS it just me? But I find the Riders much more interesting after a single loss. I mean really who wants to hang around near perfect people all the time?
As a Rider fan who has been thru and seen things like the Great team under Lancaster who saw the Grey Cup slip away to a much inferior team, on the last play of the game. So yes, I don't want our Riders getting cocky and overconfident and into how perfect they are. They are perfect as they are...flawed...but really, really entertaining.
And hey!! Are you sure this a Rider Forum? Why? Because no one (so far) has blamed the loss on the Q'back. That's just not like Rider fans. ha! Maybe we "is" finally getting "learned" to realize it's not all on the shoulders of Durant.
LOOK OUT! MONTREAL! Our Riders are bringing you into their Coliseum and the beasts are are hungry.

If Calgary fans are 'talking smack' they sure aren't doing it on this forum. I've checked each day since the game and so far not a single 'fan' has taken the time to make comments about the win.

I think that most (basically everyone but the extreme fringers) appreciate these as 2 top caliber teams right now, and simply appreciate that either club is a contender. The point spread after 2 games is 0...that says a lot.

That's because 80% of their fans aren't dedicated enough to be on here. When you live in Alberta you hear it from all the "fans" that started caring when the team started winning.

Yep, I've been hooked on this team since 1963, and lived and died with them thru thick and thin. The one lasting, undying constant through all of it has always been the Rider fans. I'm proud of that, and glad that's a big part of my Saskatchewan fabric.

I've been a Season Ticket holder in Calgary for the past five years and a Stamps fan even when I lived in Saskatchewan.

I didn't realize your level of participation in the "CFL Forum" dictated whether you were a "Dedicated" fan or not. :roll:

Personally, I think I showed more dedication when I was being bombarded with beer cans in Mosaic Stadium by "Canada's Teams Fans" for daring to wear a different teams colors in their precious stadium. Now that you have educated me I will endeavor to be a more dedicated fan by posting more often.

For the record, I was at the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. I brought a new potential fan to the game and introduced him to the CFL Expereince. I spent my time prior to the game letting him know what a treat it was for him to get to see the two top teams in the league play, and as a bonus that we were bitter rivals, as his first ever CFL game. Both teams on the field lived up to my "hype" and he thoroughly enjoyed his first CFL experience.

Neither team should feel that they are superior to the other right now and both should work to be better for the next "round", because it will probably decide which home play off game the teams are getting, number one place in the league (for the season) and not having to go through the western final. Both teams played partial games in their respective losses to the other. Both teams have shown good fight in their losses. It's litterally a "draw" right now.

Too bad we couldn't meet each other for the GC ... THAT would be a battle! :rockin:

This is about the only time you will find me posting anything near positive about the riders, so enjoy it while you can. :wink:


I couldn't agree more!! I don't think the rivalry of these two teams would be so good, if they weren't both so good. I actually would like to apologize for generalizing in my OP. You don't seem to be one of the bad ones lol. If these teams weren't so good, there wouldn't be as much on the line when they play and it wouldn't be the funnest match up to watch in the CFL. Also I do not talk up the Stumps much so enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure why you don't think they can't meet in the GC?

Calgary could always hit the skids, end up in the cross-over, and come through the Eastern side! And then, as you say, that would be epic!

Or Saskatchewan

BUT…the Esks would need to start winning as well. Do you honestly see any chance of either the Riders or Stamps not getting 3-4 wins over the remaining 12, putting them at 7-8 wins min. They would mean the Esks would need to probably win at least 7 of 12

as much as these 2 teams deserve at this point to be in the Grey Cup, it just won't happen. Maybe it's time they change how you get to Grey Cup. 2 top teams get bye, next 4 battle it out, play top teams, then last 2 to Cup game, just a thought! The west has been the stronger clubs over the years!

Since both teams are at 5 - 1 ... 3 - 4 wins puts them at 8 - 9 wins ... just fixing your math! :wink: