Rider's don't need the big fake - Burris

Rider's are way team now that there free of the plague brings along with him, Calgary won't win more then 6 games with him.

Agreed, although they may win more than 6 games this year. 8 at the most. But the riders are better off with Greene at the conrols.

I'm a rider fan, and i like burris still, i think calgary will beat Toronto this week. Burris is just what Calgary needed. That's the problem with having too much depth on the riders, they are eventually gonna make a choice on who to keep and who to ship away.

I'd be lying to everyone here if I said Henry Burris was a bad quarterback, Henry is a good quarterback in many ways. He has many pros but he also has many cons, turnovers come to mind. Nealon hardly ever turns the ball over while Hank on the other hand did it consistently. I will say that Burris is more accurate than Greene for the most part, though on Saturday night Nealon's passes were catching receivers in perfect stride and were bang on in the numbers. Henry and Nealon were both very good quarterbacks, there's no sense in paying 2 starting QB's 2 starting QB wages, cut one of them and it turned out that Nealon was the man for the Riders. I believe that Henry Burris was scared of the competition in Saskatchewan at the QB position so he left to cow-town where he would be the undisputed starter. Henry is a good QB and I wish him luck this season but I'm glad that Nealon is at the helm for the Riders.

…I just don’t get it…here we are into Week 2 already and you’re all still talking about an event that happened in the off season months ago…yeah I did Psychology in Uni just to kill time in an easy credit class that had tons of hot chicks in it and you know what?..this is a classic case of mass insecurity that results in these spontaneous group hugs to somehow re-inforce the assurance level that Ol’ Roy did the right thing by putting away his chequebook…be men, get over it and forget about the whole Burris thing…

I personally wouldn't say the Stamps are doomed. I never liked Burris but he is a decent QB if you like to air it out. The one thing that makes the stamps difficult to call is all the movement they've made to their roster. Will have to wait till they play a few games to see if they get going or fall down.

Yea, Burris played great in the Western FInal. To me, he looked like the best receiver in the current CFL that game. The thing that gets me is he took a long time to progress last year, but he finally became very good. Good luck to Calgary and hopefully you get the Burris from the playoffs not the one that played winnipeg in Labour Day.

Did you ever to get to practice spontaneous group hugs in that class filled with hot chicks? What a class that would have been.

But I agree stop talking about Burris. He's in Calgary now so focus on the great present-day team we have now.

After the first half of the Calgary/Toronto game Toronto is winning 14-3. Burris has an interception and a fumble............that's why i dont miss him.

ah thats go back to an earlier time and read these posts. How wrong us fans can be right!

Baitin' rider fans. Do you lecture the homeless too? :slight_smile:

That's not baitin man. You SHOULD read back about a month or two and see all the swagger and BS about how Greene is the greatest and Henry sucks and blah blah friggin blah.

What I find particularly dissapointing is how few Rider fans are now posting on the CFL talk forum. When I joined in April, 3 out 4 posters were Rider fans. I will concede that there are still a few that post there, the proud humble few, the ones who chose not to try and convince everybody else about how great Nealon Greene was and how the Riders were gonna go 11-7 or 12-6. I even read a couple that projected they would be 13-5!

Apparently they thought that none of us knew about Nealon Greene. He was going to pass for more yardage than Ricky Ray or Anthony Calvillo and run for more yardage than Casey Printers or Kerry Joseph. Ask yourself how many posts you read where guys were listing Greene as the top QB in the league, or was one of the top 5? Yet no one could ever answer why he didn't last in Toronto or Edmonton if he was so great.

Baitin Rider fans? Lecturing homeless? I don't think so man. If your'e gonna talk the talk be prepared to walk the walk. There are a number of Rider posters that should either be eatin crow about it or staying the course and continuing to support Nealon.

Maybe I'm getting carried away, but somebody needed to say it. RedandWhite made a subtle reference to it and I'm just reinforcing it. If you would like to debate it bring it out to the main forum for all to see and eithger prove your point or take your lumps for all to see about Nealon Greene.


Thanks Supertoe good post. The point I am making is when you walk on water later you better hope you can swim. Rider Fans are very proud fans of their team no doubt but once the team has accomplished something then you can make bold statments. Right now the BC lion fans and Eskie fans can do that they are proven winners. Sorry just read those previous posts it sure makes me laugh.

Yeah, Supertoe, you are getting carried away. I don't know why you are so angry. The post wasn't even directed at you. Seek help.

...it's a free world Bogey, can't stifle free speach....

Weren't you one of the Nealon faithfull Bogey? Is my opinion hitting a little close to home for you? I'm not angry, I'm both amused and dissapointed in the lack of intestinal fortitude that all those Rider fans who were so sure Nealon was the saviour they wouldn't listen to any sort of reason.

Where are they now? I throw down the gauntlet and "seek help" is strongest rebuttal that you can offer? I would suggest that it's because you now agree with my opinion of Nealon and are too embarrassed to admit it to the rest of us.

Suck it up, sunshine. At some point the Riders will end the tailspin, maybe even with Nealon at the controls. Then you can take some shots at my opinions and actually have a legitimate reason to do so.

I can guarantee you one thing my friend. I will be man enough to come on here and admit I was wrong. I won't run and hide behind my keyboard and quietly hope everyone forgets what I said. Hell, if Nealon shows me that he's got the goods I will post it out in the open forum as well as in here.


Nope I wasn’t. You might want to check my predictions of the last three games before you start spouting off.

What does your game pedictions have to do with it?

I hate to say Supertoe has a point here. Bogart did you break your ankles jumping off that Nealon wagon. And I bet Chewy hit the ground before you.

I don't think so, but if you do, it was well before the team started their losing streak. I didn't love him nor hate him but didn't see much in those first 4 games to believe he was in the upper echelon of QBs in the league. I challenge you to find a post where I stated he was anything more than average. I thought he would be all right, better still as a backup to Crandell. But I admit he is playing worse than even I thought he was. And his teammates don't seem to be helping him out either. I'm glad to see that a few fellas have become obsessed with me though. Is this what its like being a celebrity?