Riders don't care about tonight's game!

With 11 starters out, and Joseph likely to not play either..

this game is going to really be a stinker!

the Eskimos will likely win it, and the Rider players don't care really!

A guy I know, that works for the Riders was on the bus with some players and they really don't care about the game! They don't really feel like dressing, but well they must.

This game is not even going to be a true game!

Ah well.

Thats why on TV their all saying we want a 10-8 record and, we really have to win this game for the fans and stuff like that. And no Sh!t there not gonna dress there starters. like what if Kerry Joseph or Kenton Keith or someone like that got injured our greycup hopes would be over.

Riders better take this game seriously, momentum going into the playoffs is highly important. NOt to mention that injuries occur when you don't play serious ball.

They aren't going to. you watch!

Something tells me were gonna win with all our backups

From a positive point of view, maybe the Riders don't want AJ Gass taking out one of their starters.

Injuries in a nothing game are the biggest concern, which is why the Riders are resting so many starters.
And not because players or coaches normally are as concerned about injuries as fans and the media are.
But as you say, if they don't take the game seriously, that is when you get hurt.
I don't know how important momentum is though. I tend to agree you want to win this game, but I also know that Pinball played all his backups in the last game the year they won the Grey Cup.
I think while momentum is important, and staying sharp is important, you might maintain both better by playing your back-ups and losing an unimportant game, than you would if you played all your starters like Calgary did against Winnipeg, but lose anyway.

Whens the last time Saskatchewan's offence clicked???

Here's the question.....say we play all our starters - Keith, Joseph, and the whole gang....and they get hurt enough to make a difference next week.....then everyone's coming down on Danny's head for starting them in a meaningless game.....

I'm all for sitting the starters in this one.....

I dont blame you.

Just like i felt the same when my team went
through the motions last week.

We won by the way.....no injuries!

Remember when Toronto didn’t start all their starters and they completely stunk up the joint against Montreal. It was a horrible game. But what happened that yera. Toronto won the Cup. I am fine with them not starting everyone. I am sure those backups, and the starters still playing will play hard.

Heading into the playoffs with a loss is very poor for a team's momentum. 3-0 vs. the Riders still sounds good to me despite the fact that the Esks missed the playoffs.

Yeah!! And....I picked them in the V.G.C.C. this week, so they BETTER take it seriously!! :cowboy: