Is anyone really surprised?

They didn't even make a game of it!

Complete domination by BC!

Bye bye Riders! Another a-typical Rider season comes to an end.

I didn't get to see all the games today, so I was just wondering how the Eskimos faired today. For the life of me I can't even remember who they played.

Congrates to the Riders!

Is a shame they lost in the western final but at least they were in the western final unlike another team who didnt even make the playoffs......We all know who I mean.

The Riders were in the Western final? It looked to me like it was all BC.

Ladies and gentleman I present you trollman. Trolling the CFL forum with nothing left to celebrate but the loss of a team who actually made the play-offs.

Such is the life of EE on the forum.....he can't boast that his own team has had success in this post-season, so he rips on a team that fails.....did we really expect otherwise?

And had BC lost he would have been ripping them.

Someone has to lose

I still think EE would be ripping the Riders even if they had won.

This game was a blowout. I called the Lions by 10. A win by 27 is icing on the cake.

I thought it was going to be close (I was wrong)....and also low scoring as both teams have such strong defences.

What do the following years have in common? 1990. 1991. 1992. 1993. 1994. 1995. 1996. 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006??

For most of the rest of us, it would be called a pathetically long period of time to not win the Grey Cup, in an 8 team league. For rider fans, it is just called an average Grey Cup drought. Too bad your riders couldn't make a game of it. All they accomplished was to embarrass themselves. I hope they enjoy the Grey Cup on TV, where they watch it every year.

I guess we'll be sitting beside Edmonton fans....( I used to like Edmonton)

It was like taking candy from a baby for BC.

If the Esks had been in that game at least they wouldn't have embarrassed their fans like the Riders did today. That was just ugly, completley outclassed.

Nice try riders but again fell short of the objective. But like many fans acroos the CFL sort of had the idea that it would be very tough to beat a very good BC team. The score really is not suprising. I am glad now that it was the Riders and not the Stamps. But it was a good year for yor team.

So true, so true.

With the end of the Esks streak, the Riders now have the longest running streak. 18 years of never finishing better than third. Pretty impressive.

Ladies and gentleman before I presented you trollman, I now present you his sidekick, the class of the Eskimo fans :roll: , Captain original.

Captain original is known for his ability to count, be original :roll: , and to continue to argue till he is blue in the face. Please give trollman and his sidekick Captain original a warm welcome.

Your attempt to distract from the topic of the Riders annihilation in the West final is amusing.

Hamilton would have put up a better fight.

Blah blah blah, that's all I read every time you post. It's pathetic when you thrive on another team's loss, when you've had nothing to celebrate all year long.

Now you'll post something original about 1989 or about manure, and again all I'll read is blah, blah, blah.

It's interesting that you should bring up the manure again. At least in 2004, there was an easy scape goat, when your joke of a team choked in the playoffs, AGAIN. Your kicker blew a chip shot, to send you to the Grey Cup. How many loads of manure are you sad sack rider fans going to need this year? The ENTIRE team was a joke. Regina is going to stink tonight.

Leave it to a pathetic rider fan to not want to talk about his team after yet another year of dissapointment. When was the last time you wanted to talk about your team at the end of a season? Was it really back in the 1980's? Wow. That is just sad.

i think we all admit the riders had a bad game, everyone has one of them. bc defintely outplayed us tonight, and congrats to them and hopefully they do go to win the grey cup. we had some good plays tonight but had a lot of problems too. and EE you are just a sore loser about your team. no offence to the rest of the eskimo fans. i am still proud to be a rider fan, as i will always be cause i don't do bandwagon jumping