Riders depth shines, confidence grows at 2-0

REGINA — People often talk about ducks and how you see them floating on a body of water and they look so calm and serene, but down below their feet are working furiously to keep everything going.

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The Riders gave up nearly as many penalty yards as Hamilton had total yards. That'll have to be cleaned up but overall a dominant performance

So... the Riders are like a bunch of ducks? I think I could come up with some better analogies myself.(flame on duck lovers)

My game ball goes to their fearless leader on Offense-Cody Fajardo with the long awaited 2021 season finally up and running my goal is to see all the starting Quarterbacks to remain healthy. Unlike the NFL game their are not enough elite starting quarterbacks for 32 teams ! Cody's success on the field will determine the Riders Grey Cup aspirations for this year.