Riders Defensive Deserves Respect

well, coming into the year, i was conserned about the Riders defense:
Nate Davis - for - Jon Chick, Mark Mullinder, Chunky Adams
Davin Bush - for - James Johnson
Ommar Morgan - for - Airbin Justin
Jackie Mithcell - for - Brandon Lynch, Sean Lucas
(ok, i wrote that backwards, but you get my point)

But, like he has over the years, Ritchie Hall has made these guys into a feared defense and one of the best in the league.

Now, i know it is early in the season, but teams better start giving them some respect. For the first two weeks, they held Two of the best offenses in the league (montreal and Calgary) to 9 points combined (well, it was really 15, but the riders gave up 3 safeties against the allouttes to get field position). I think that is a pretty good stat.

The only replacement I was honestly worried about was Omarr's. I have a lot of confidence in James Johnson. And Sean Lucas seemed like a good player. And then Marcus Adams can ball.

i also agree that Johnson showed alot of good things last year, and i was not missing Nate Davis at all, the younger guys we got our better. I was just posting all the changes for the those who might not know.

Nate Davis was a waste of space. Literally. He took up too much space. :lol: :lol: :lol: But seriously the defense is doing great.