Riders Defense- Real issue is Chris Mackenzie-

McKenzie still got beat twice yesterday for big plays. It was just masked because of the Riders 6 turnover game and his int for a touchdown.


So what is your point? Mckenzie isn't the liability Gridiron Guru is making him out to be. The Liability was sent packing right after the Argo game.

Mckenzie isn't an all star, but he isn't a giant liability either. Interceptions aren't the end all be all for judging how good a defensive back is.

I could care less about his interceptions, but I AM concerned about how well he covers people, or NOT. What I saw was him being badly beaten by Edwards for Winnipeg's final touchdown, and much earlier in the game Edwards beat him badly for about 50-some yards that would have also probably been a touchdown if Edwards didn't have to slow up to make an over-the-shoulder catch. Maybe some people watched the game on the radio. I watched it on tv and so far I agree with Gridiron Guru's assessment.

Eddie Russ time!

However, I don't care if he gets burned deep once, as long as he he makes up for it by returning one each time :slight_smile:

The bugger screwed up my perfect score in the RONA pool last week with his pick-6 in the last minute. But this week, his pick-6 in the last minute didn't affect my total score range as it stayed within 40-50 poins, so I'm good with this one :slight_smile: :oops: :rockin:

He has played well the last 3 games. Looks like a keeper!