Riders defence shines in win over the Alouettes

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders came away with a statement victory as they took a 41-20 win over the Montreal Alouettes on Saturday night.

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Can we please come up with some new adjectives, please? All this shining is hurting my eyes.

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Nothing more beautiful than the sun shining off a green helmet racing to the end zone. Oops, sorry. That was the sun reflecting off another official's flag laying on the turf. My bad!

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Yes if any credit can be given it has to be to the Rider's Defense because Fajardo and the offence didn't shine at all. It was the turnovers that gave the Sask team the advantage. But then Harris wasn't exactly all that exciting either.
I thought moving the lines in closer to the middle and starting at the 40 after a FG was supposed to give the offence a better advantage.
Not in this game! In fact, except for the 1st 2 BC lion's games no offence on any team seems to be better.

Harris was also being chased all over the field by the riders DL while at the same time the DB's were giving him minimal passing options with their coverage. The run coverage was also amazing at times giving Montreal a loss when they were at 2nd and 2. The SK defense played amazing.