Riders defeat Stamps in regular season series finale

CALGARY —  The Saskatchewan Roughriders snapped their two-game losing streak against the Calgary Stampeders as they came away with a 20-17 win in the final of their three-game series.

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3 close games, the Stamps got the first two Riders got this one. Should make for a very exciting west semifinal...only thing that remains is where it will be played.

Doesn't really matter where it's played. McMahon is Riders home away from home.

Not so much with covid restrictions affecting travelling fans much more than home fans. Still, there are quite a few Rider fans living in Calgary, but we have clearly seen these last 2 Sask at Calgary games that the green in the stands is far less and that would be due to the restrictions.

In fact the restrictions league wide have had a huge impact on home crowd advantage. Home teams went 3-1 this week and are now 23-23. Before this week, only 3 teams had a winning home record, Winnipeg 6-0, Sask 4-2, Toronto 4-0, with Hamilton just getting to 3-2 yesterday. And with the Argos playing before 8k every game, there are only 3 teams with a distinct home crowd advantage and really only Peg and Sask making the most of it.

The crowds are down and are just not that loud.

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