Rider's D-Line

What do you think will happen? What i want to see happen is see if we can find some good pass rushers; if not i'd like to see Ken try and put Luc Mullinder where Kitwanna jones is then replace Sean Lucas with Kitwanna Jones at linebacker. Then replace Chuncky Adams with Sante Williams, then replace Scott Schults with Keith Shologan and give these young guys a chance because i think it could work, then keep John Chick as he is because he's awesome.

or maybe but Sante Williams on the outside and put Luc Mullinder on the inside because he is bigger and he should go inside.

Jones > Mullinder on every level. Kit is to slow to replace Shawn lucas at strong side LB

Yeah, i guess kitwanna maybe slower, but atleast give him a chance.

I'm sure Kitwana will get a look as there is no way the Riders will sign Lucas, Mackenzie and Lloyd.

Are you kidding me Kitwana is very fast at linebacker. If they dont sign Lloyd and Lucas i say put Kitwana at middle and then put Renauld Williams at Strong Side and Mckenzie at the other side but hopefully they sign Lloyd and get rid of Mckenzie and Lucas and then put Kitwana at strong side and Williams at weak side. For the D-line i would put Luc Mullinder at Shultz’s spot and put Jimmy Verdon at Adam’s spot and then put either Seante Williams or Deek Bake at Kitwana;s spot and leave Chick where he is.

Why would we want to get rid of Lucas and Mackenzie? I would hope we could keep one of them.

Personally i'd rather have Lucas and Mckenzie than just Lloyd...but thats just my opinion. But as for the D-line....Switch mullinder in for Adams (never was a fan of his) and Put sheate williams on the outside instead of Jones. Move jones to back up lineback and alteranted Shologan with shultz and Mullinder, and obviously keep Chick where he is.