Riders Cut Yeast

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Not surprised at all, they're stacked at receiver.

Mr Bad Attitude
He is good WR if he could check that Attitude
He'd have been a Good Player here.

It's a Shame what a Waist of Tallent :cry:

That "urban myth" about him being an undesirable player was true afterall.

Yeast isn't the first, and sadly likely won't be the last, football player with lots of talent but a bad attitude. He can go join Frank Cutolo in a bar somewhere and watch the games on TV, wondering what might have been had their heads been screwed on right.

him and robert baker can start thier own team.

What makes you think Yeast has a bad attitude? The only time I can think of is when he pointed out Danny Mac, but that is hardly anything. He isn’t going out to bars and assaulting people, getting caught with drugs. I don’t see how you can say he has a bad attitude. Only the people in the locker room can say stuff like that.

I watch Craig Last Year at Practices..
Trust me he was a Problem
He and Ronnie had Issuies..

The time he called out McManus (yes, I remember that one clearly as well) was but one example. Many QBs and receivers, when a completion is not made, make motions to take the blame; Yeast is one of the few who did the reverse, pointing blame at someone else. That is a major no-no in any team sport I should think. Also he said something to Lancaster that resulted in his getting cut from the Tiger Cats as the team was walking off the field.

Yeast strikes me as the kind of guy who would reply to the statement "There is no "I" in "team" by saying "You are correct, there is no "I" in "team", but there IS an "M" and there's also an "E"..........ME!

Yeast who?Oh yah that guy!LMAO

Oh...Craig "Alligator-arms" Yeast got cut

Oh...Craig "its not my fault there was an interception, so I will not try to tackle the guy" Yeast got cut

Oh...Craig "I am glaring at you because I was open" Yeast got cut

Oh...Craig "sideline altercation" Yeast got cut


put it this way...if yeast wanted to hold a party and invite only his teamates that liked him on the 2006 team....well lets just say you can hold that party in a phonebooth. hes was a cancer and i for one was happy they cut him....and even get some enjoyment out of him being cut be the riders. guys like yeast will have a hard time in the real world surviving. you will see him one day working at mcdonalds...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Ouch, you boys are really mean. I think Craig has talent and he's a great guy to talk to off the field. Very nice guy. It's sad that he isn't a team player and it will be tough for him to catch on, especially since the SMS is going to cause some decent players to be displaced. I wish Craig the best of luck. If he could just lose the attitude he could do some good things.

Yeast as a better attitude than Davis

And I understand that the only reason the Riders brought him in in the first place is because a few of their receivers were injured at the time. They only needed a little more depth in their receiving corps, and now he does not seem to be needed anymore.

Yeast's attitude often gets criticized and I'm not sure whether or not he'll lose that attitude. If he does not learn his lesson after getting cut by two different CFL teams, I don't think he ever will. Will Yeast be at a CFL team's training camp this year? And speaking of former Ticats currently on the Saskatchewan roster with questionable attitudes, will Kahlil Hill be on the Riders roster for much longer?

Regina Leader Post article from Friday May 18th 2007

Here's a quote from Eric Tillman

"I think he had mixed emotions (about returning)
given a combination of things," explained Tillman.

"I think the principal one was that he has two young kids
and I think it was becoming more and more difficult for him
to be away from them for several months.

And given the depth of our team ...
he wasn't asking for (any guarantees),

but he's a smart guy and he's aware
that we have tremendous competition
in the receiving corps.

Basically what we agreed to do was
that we would release him and we'd

get through training camp
and see where we are

and see how much
he's missing the game.

As..with Charles {Thomas] OL,
the door remains open."

I guess Eric Tillman doesn't know
as much about him as we do, eh folks?

Its a shame. Yeast has talent to burn but due to an overbearing attitude, his career could be over.

They handed him his pink slip but he dropped it. Went right through his fingers. :roll:

That would mean that he actually reached for it...

touche! :lol:

Bad attitute or not these coaches will be able to put him in his place. We NEED someone who can catch the ball