Riders cut Reesing

So much for the next Doug Flutie.

REGINA — Now there are four.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to practice on Tuesday with four quarterbacks on the field. The Roughriders cleared out space in terms of quarterbacks with the release of Kansas Jayhawks star Todd Reesing. That leaves the Riders with starter Darian Durant and backups Ryan Dinwiddie, Cole Bergquist and Kent Smith.

"It wasn't so much that Todd was the odd man out, it was the others were in,'' head coach Ken Miller said after Tuesday's practice at Mosaic Stadium. "When you have your returning starter, that's an obvious choice. When you have someone with CFL experience (Dinwiddie) that's another obvious choice. Cole Bergquist has the strongest arm of all of them. Kent has a dimension that the others don't have.''

Smith, 6-foot-5, is the tallest of the backup QBs. He's also a southpaw. Those are two attributes that Smith felt him in making the team instead of Reesing.

"I'm the only southpaw on the team,'' said Smith. "I also bring a little athleticism and run and pass threat. That gives the defence something to work on during the week of preparation.''


There goes the next , next, next really big thing. Beat out by Dinwiddie who they use to mock 8)

lol :slight_smile:
I think every fan base has fan's that overhype players.Just the excitement of the upcoming season and the possibility that their team will be hoisting the cup in November.

Beat out by Dinwiddie who they use to mock
It wasn't Ryan's playing that we mocked, it was just that highly mockable last name.

Wow. Didn't see that one coming :o

He gets mocked over the fact he has incredible eyes much more than he gets mocked over his name.

Yes...and now he'll be mocked about his incredible eyes clashing with his jersey... :lol:

I watched some of the practices. Reesing threw a nice ball. I thought Kent Smith looked the worst.

It might be refreshing all the same for we NCAA fans down here to see the Big 12 go down in history soon enough all the same as the vibes are out on that discussion with regard to the Pac 10, where they run often West Coast sets versus the spread offences of the Big 12, as sure as heck the Big 12 has not produced lately too many success stories at the pro level in the CFL or NFL.

The expectations sure are always high for all these guys who no doubt can throw and have solid arms, but there are just not many who make it to become even sustained feature players let alone stars at the next level. I have no idea why that's the case either.

And go figure also this is the case for the CFL even though the spread offences of the Big 12 resemble, more than do those of most other conferences and American football in general, those of the CFL! :?

I am bit shocked as well, maybe Ressing has an attitude problem or is not grasping the game?

T. Reesing probably didn't do anything wrong, it's just the Riders have better QB prospects. It came down to keeping Reesing or Kent Smith, a 6' 5" mobile QB with a cannon arm. Reesing is closer to 5' 10" and his sideline passes on the huge CFL field were taking longer to get there compared to Smith.

Reesing looked like a Buck Pierce type QB. Small in stature but very accurate and good mechanics. Smith can throw a deep ball, but it quacks the whole way there.

Buck Pierce is 6'1" and 210 pounds.
Reesing was cut because he wasn't good enough.
His last practice.... Monday.... he simply was not good. Smith clearly outperformed him.

No. The coaches were very happy with his attitude and his learning curve. In practice, he made good reads, he just couldn't execute.

I looks like you wont have to worry about the big 12 soon. Make way for the PAC-16