Riders cry about bad calls

I read all the time on the forums Rider fans crying about bad calls causing them to loose games.

If any call was bad this year it was Stegalls touchdown that was called off. AND Kieth's diving touchdown which he didn't come close to making.

Riders sure had the ref's in their pockets tonight.

I do have a question about that catch, EE.

I'm listening on the 'Riders radio network, and they agreed that Stegall caught it. But they were also saying that Stegall pushed off Davis really badly, and thought that should have been called. If that's true (again, I didn't see it, so I don't know), then might it actually be a case of two wrongs making a right?

Either way, that's a pretty bad call to make. And the 'Riders are actually playing decent for the most part, so hopefully they would have won anyway, even without those calls.

You are right but what about the referres , fire the , don't pay them do something, this is

Some people may say that STEGAL didn't catch his second , TD ..........pass.

WIN.................has had 86 points scored on them in the last 2 games.

OHHH one more taken away from Steagal this is Fantastic.

STEAGAL, was offside.

And the NFL makes mistakes all the time ,as well .Like calling the wrong winner in a coin toss.

I know you are upset , but WIN has 0 defense.
They have had 86 points scored against them in the last 2 games.

The players are professional...but the refs. are certainly bush league. That WAS a touchdown! Ground can't cause a fumble and he had control of the ball down to the ground.

Even though the refs took 7 points away from Stegal and gave Keith 7 points. The worse calls this game came from Winnipegs coaching staff. Two picks in the end zone on short yardage? The worse call was on the 1 yard line when Glenn threw the ball instead of pitching it out to Roberts.

Bottom line, WInnipeg beat themselves this game. Riders looked beatable. If the Bombers can keep the mistakes down they should win next weekend.

Now tell me what makes this "whining" different than the whining the Riders do when they lose? Yet we get criticized immensely.

I watched the first half - looked like two last place teams trying to duke it out. It wasn't great. Second half may have been better, but both teams have a long way to go.

The point is there are bad calls in every game. Not just the one's in which the RIders loose.

Video replay needs to happen next season for sure.

So, doesn't change the fact that we're whiners when we lose and you're whiners when you lose. HYPOCRITES.

So, I don't think you understand.

The push off was there wasnt called and Stegall Made the catch, it could have been pivotal in the outcome of the game, just like the off side call against the Riders. Peg fans have a right to complain. The Refs suck once again..
instant replay would have shown the obvious but like I said before we will never know. As it turned out the Riders got a touchdown on the next play.

As for the Keith touchdown, he broke the plane, you dont have to end up in the endzone, it was clear to me it was a touchdoown.

I saw the angles on TV and you couldn't see him break the plane. Looked more like he was stopped halve a yard short.

Not like they wouldn't have scored on the next 2 downs with either Holmes, Keith, Crandell or Szark.

(1) Keith broke the plane, only a portion of the ball need to break the plane.
(2) On the Stegall catch, replay would only have been used to determine a catch or not. Stegall did push off, so I supose poetic justice was sort of done to the Riders. Yeah I know two wrongs don't make it right. Had they ruled it a TD you would have seen the Rider fans fuming over the push off.

I think we all agree. Bad call! The whole play!

because you are usually wrong about the call, just kidding, I am actually embarrased by the amount of whining from bomber fans on here, I thought way more calls went against the Riders then the bombers, and besides the bomber defence is in complete collapse mode and cost them the last two games (86 points against what a joke).

I know that the CFL watches for swearing on this site so fuch shit ass.

Now maybe I have there attention.

Look its not just Rider fans who complain about about the officiating. Just look at this headline and other ones that were on tonight and other days. The officiating sucks and something needs to be done about it because fans will not stick around and watch this game if it continues this way. I am a rider fan but I think that both teams got screwed over on points tonight, and then you have the retard commentators making it sound that every player out there is an allstar, because the ref missed or made a bad call. Milt Segal did make that catch and had possesion before it was stripped away so thats a touchdown. Put in a few more cameras, because i don't think that Stegal caught that second ball, then they show a replay when the ref is in the way of the ball and the comentator says it was a great catch when you can't see the ball.