Rider's Creampuff Schedule

Before Riders’ fans start planning their Grey Cup parade they should look at their schedule.

Assuming they win today, their last 4 wins have come against Hamilton (who’s season is over), Hamilton, Calgary (without Burris), Montreal (Cavillo fresh off IR and team struggling mightly).

Before that they couldn’t get it done and lost 3 straight big games. Winnepeg, BC, Calgary.

Before that they won big against a surging Bombers team on labour day. One big win.

Prior to that it was a struggling Eskimos, Rocky Butler and the Argos in a slump, and Jarius Jackson in his first start.

So, since week 5 the riders have won one big game out of 4. Meanwhile they lost 3 of four to starting QBs of plus .500 teams. They also beat up on Rocky Butler, Akili Smith, Jarius Jackson in his first start, Hamilton, Hamilton, Montreal, Edmonton.

I’m not saying those wins were easy but I think they are a highly overrated 11 win club and shouldn’t be considered much more of a contender than Winnepeg or Calgary and not as highly ranked as Toronto or BC.

The Riders have played against the same teams as the others in the league...not their fault others faced adversity that the Riders were sometimes able to capitalize on...

Son, we all play the same teams in this league. If you take away everyones "creampuff" wins, then we'll all have records of 1-1.

I’m not saying its their fault, its just luck and timing really. But you have to wonder where they would be without having played 3 games against new QBs that struggled given how they lost 3 straight to power house teams with healthy QBs midseason?

Oh no! They lost 3 games to good teams! THEY SUCK!!!!!

Your logic doesn't follow. The lions won with Jackson at QB. Does that make their record skewed because they didn't have there number one QB in there? Good teams find ways to win regardless of who they are playing against.

You can consider the last two wins against Edmonton as cream puff games, of which your team won by the skin of their teeth in one, and it was close for at least 3+ quarters last night. You barely won both games against a team that is 5-10-1, so what does that say about your team?

we are all entitled to an opinion & this is yours.

i too am biased, but i'm not stupid (for lack of a better word) enough to post all of my opinions in a pubilc forum.[/u]

I think you have to look at the last few games right now. The more your team looks impressive regardless of who they play it should not matter. Your team should be peaking for this time of the year.

It's not like the other 7 teams are playing the New England Patriots or something, everyone plays the same teams in this league. Injuries happen to everyone, good teams over come.


SOME LOGIC. My Riders had 10 wins before we played Hamilton. Your Lions have 12 wins AFTER playing Hamilton.

Keep talking, Mervin. You wont have much to say in a few weeks.


And you wonder why some BC Fans get the tag of Trolls. Of what other purpose could this post be? It's not like the 2 teams played each other this week. Oh thats right the is the CFL Troll boards!

Don't feed this troll

I can't wait until the Riders win the Grey Cup... Then people like you cant say a damn thing.

It was meant to be funny austinpowers good grief

Actually, I thought it WAS funny…

It's hardly news now - Jackson is NOT a third string QB. If he had stats of 90yards passing and 2 ints and the lions kept winning they could say they are winning in spite of having the third string QB in. Jacksons stats are on par with other starting QB's. The lions are winning because of the entire team. Just like the riders are winning because of the entire team

Thanks guys!