Riders could go 0-7 in the next two weeks?

After the Riders loss to Hamilton at home on Sunday and the Riders now 0-5 on the year so far in the 2015 season and they have matched their 1995 record for losses at the start of the year, it's very possible that this team could go 0-7 in the next two weeks against two powerhouse teams in Edmonton and Toronto, both games on the road for the Riders.

With the loss for the season of Durant, now Glenn injured and questionable, the Riders have zero depth at QB with the starter and back up out, unless the Riders sign a QB with CFL experience and fast and someone other than Kerry Joseph who has been playing scrabble at the seniors home, the Riders will be in for a long year.

Brendan must get a little creative in finding a QB and someone younger than 30 but older than 15, with some experience?

Tough sledding ahead for the Green Team but hey the year is still young and anything can happen after all it's the CFL. Good luck to the Rider faithful.


Would not surprise me to see Tanner Marsh in Saskatchewan working with JC.

JC. ????????? :lol: :slight_smile:

Crompton has his own figurine ?

That'll sign their QB issues....NOT! :lol: :lol:

Would be better off giving Nelone Greene a call

I would rather see them give the 3rd string and the kid who was a late cut last year in Seattle the rest of the season at QB. The Riders need to make the best of a bad season and work on establishing the next team QB. We can patch up the defense through free agency or a few trades but starting QB's are not in great supply and without one - we won't be contending for some time

time to start developing their own QBs now that Durant is hurt and going to miss a season and a half we may be able to attract some decent prospects other than Price as im not sold on Smith

Possi ble QB replacements:

  1. Ron Lancaster Jr.
  2. Matt Dunigan
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Warren Moon
  5. Doug Flutie
  6. Avril Lavigne
  7. Khari Jones
  8. Indiana Jones
  9. David Letterman
  10. Stephen Harper ( likely unemployed in the Fall anyways!) :cowboy: :rockin: :wink:

Glenn has been diagnosed with a torn pec muscle and placed on the 6 game IR today.

Who is the designated backup now starter?

Sunseri was just re-signed after being unceremoniously released last month in favor of Smith so would that make Smith the starter and Sunseri the #2?

Yeah....who even knows who #3 will be this week.....anyone still have Buck Pierce's number out there....?

Isn't he a position coach somewhere in the CFL? Winnipeg, maybe?

OUCH !!!!! Is it possible that the Riders could give the 1-17 Cats of "03" a run for their money ? One solution and its a big IF would be with the way that Harris is lighting it up in Toronto maybe trying to pry Ray away from the Argos in a trade in hopes of salvaging some semblance of this season. The only other QB's that are out there and might be available would be strictly stop gap like perhaps Crompton was in Mtl last year. The sad reality is that there are just no decent QB's that are available that could be brought in mid season at this point,unless you consider a Jeremiah Masoli as an example of decent :roll: or maybe a Brian Brohm :roll: :oops: Another option would be Tate but give your head a shake if you think that Huff would trade him let alone to the Riders. :cowboy:

Chamblin said Smith will start. Tino is #2, and I guess Keith Price is #3. Likely, the next man up if the guy above you struggles. If they all struggle badly, Taman will almost have no choice but to bring in somebody new.

A great social experiment: How about they go 2-16 so we can see if they really are the best fans in sports, After years of comments by many of them about Ontario fans lack of support. Let's see if they really are the best fans in the CFL. Let's see if they still pack the place like Hamilton fans did in their lean years.

Why? Is Glenn out for an extended period ?

Glenn has a torn pectoral muscle and was placed on the 6 game IR today.

That’s what he was checking after the tackle…That’s slow to heal and does not always heal well without surgery. Another starting QB down… Not many left. :x

yep, and torn pecs (or any muscle tear for that matter) do not fully heal leaving partial gaps in the muscle bands/fibers itself which can lead to less mobility than pre-injury state.

Glenn may never be the same, especially if it is the right pectoral muscle which is adjoined to his throwing shoulder/arm.
either way, the Riders need an experienced QB at the helm in order salvage the remainder of the season.

perhaps they could pry McPherson from the Argos with Ray coming back shortly.

Blake Sims is now #4. Not a whole lot of experience from him either. About a week's worth of training camp with the Argos.

If Glenn is back in 6 weeks it will be the fastest healing torn muscle injury in the history of sports. 10 weeks minimum.