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Chris Jones brings his entire assistant coaching staff from #Esks with him, except WR's coach Kez McCorvey. #CFL #Riders

They should just swap uniforms

SSK screw Esks who in turn screw OTT and MTL
There is some serious crap going on
Good thing we have strong decisive leadership by the League. :wink:

This is truly an embarrassing time to be a CFL fan. :oops: :thdn:

Well since I did one for Ed Hervey…

Not sure why people are still dumping on the Riders and the league for the Jones move. Traditional thought is that if a coach/GM has an opportunity to get an upward promotion, teams generally allow that. It happens in most sports.
As for the coaching staff, it is obvious that whomever the Esks brought in as a new HC, Maas, he would want to pick his own coaches. Just as Jones came into Sask and replaced all the coaches, Edm would be doing the same.

It is a league issue more so than a Rider issue but they got the ball rolling.

It is a BS promotion. Out= Taman and Chamblin in come Jones and Murphy. The head count stayed the same. Jones was hired to be the HC and the Riders changed their flow chart to make it look the part.

As for Hervey, he chose to allow his entire staff to walk, then claims its ok to tamper because everyone does it and if the Thorpe lateral move is what it appears to be, did just that. It was reported he was shut down by Young and Mitchell so he’s taken a new approach with Montreal. I still refuse to believe that Thorpe walked away from a 2 year 200k/year contract to go back to school :x

Yup. I said it before: The Saskatchewan Eskimos. :roll:

....Someone suggested they just switch uniforms....not yet...that will occur in earnest when most of Edmontons fa's head over to Sask. and follow their leader on Feb. 9th....Unless of course there has been tampering...Hervey says it goes on all the time...He better get prepared. :wink:

:lol: :thup:

As a CFL fan I appeal to the commissioner/board of governors. No doubt that a number of players will also go from Edmonton to the Riders. Montreal, Ottawa are also put in a loss position. As a CFL fan I would like to see the league institute either some compensation rules and/or include the salary cap to include coaches and very "determintal" fines. For fans of cities where coaches move on mass and players move what loyalty do we expect the fan base to have. I been watching CFL for 50 years and have been a ardent fan of the CFL and no where in sports have I seen this type of movement en mass.

Agreed. It's hard for fans to get really behind the team when the whole thing changes from year to year.

McAdoo leaves a lot to be desired as an offensive coordinator. I for one and getting tired of the high percentage Trestman/Milanovich offense.

:lol: :thup:

Pretty weak “fans” if that is the case.

COACHES salaries are included in salary cap. All coaches will double their salary. New free agents will be bought,
Sask will go over cap by 2 million. However a 15 minute audit will reveal only 18,000 and then the fine will be 9,000
dollars and all will be good!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure if Eskimo fans should be mad at the Riders for pillaging their entire coaching staff, or mad at Hervey for having his entire staff have expiring contracts that made this extremely easy to accomplish.

Ding ding! Not only that but they obviously didn’t feel that there was room to advance or even be guaranteed a position with a new HC at the helm.

It seems that you have a lot of insider knowledge. Thank you for laying out the facts for us.