Riders close...but no cigar

Riders lost a fairly tight game for most of the way to a very good and experienced football team--especially on defence. On one of the broadcasts, I heard that Durant has 20 INT's career on him by BC. That has to be considerably more than any other team has on him over his playing career. I used the heading "Riders close" because in the first half, the Riders were close to a blocked punt on BC which ended up being a penalty on Riders and a drive-continuing first down for BC. They were also close to sacking Lulay more than once only to take big penalties for roughing the passer. I actually couldn't believe how much DeAngelo missed the 48-yard field goal by--never heard or saw anything about the snap or hold being off, so I guess he just plain flat out missed it as badly as Milo could have. Fortunate that Brown did not take that back all the way for a TD thanks to extra hustle by George. In the 2nd half, I thought a turning point was the two plays to Arland Bruce with the final one being for a long touchdown. On the first play for a first down, everyone dropped, and not a soul was anywhere near when he made his catch. Someone goofed on that one. You didn't see too many Rider receivers that wide open except for the Rider that Durant overthrew wide open in the end zone when Durant escaped a BC blitz and rolled out to make a long throw that missed. Once again these mistakes and untimely penalties cost the Riders momentum and more chances to take charge of this game. Unlike some on the post-game radio call-in show, I won't even bother to whine about some of the iffy calls by the officials. My other comment is that I didn't think the O-line played their greatest game ever. So I guess there is still room to improve and learn from mistakes, but I thought the aggressive style Riders were using on D and the quick short passes and timely runs the Riders were using were helping to move the ball and keep BC's O off the field

Saskatchewan's defense played well for 3 quarters. But Saskatchewan has a bad habit of tanking in 4th quarters. Saskatchewan won the first meeting and BC needed to even the series. Probably the worst time to face BC and Montreal as they seem to be the hottest teams now. Saskatchewan is the least penalized team, but maybe Saskatchewan was forced to take excess penalties? Perhaps, Durant might be more effective running outside of pocket but BC defense may be preventing that?

I take a completely opposite view of the officials. And I feel we should complain about it. Last time I checked they get paid to make sure a game is fair and I also have been told football is a business and some guys livlihood depend on it. Wins and losses matter.

  1. Tough rough passing calls. The one on hawkins is laughable but they pinged him. The one on Odell is even more glaring given the fact you have a QB running for his life, angling back towards his goalline just trying to heave it out of bounds. Nice low tackle by James Patrick and Odell rolls on Lulay and they get pinged again.

  2. Darian had a guy wrap him around the head on an attempted sack - no call.

  3. On that 2nd and short, 3rd and short when we turned the ball over on down..........those spots were awful. On the 2nd down run by Sheets he made the first down - that is the play when the Riders should have challenged the spot because I feel they would have moved the ball up by almost a full yard. Last time I checked forward progress is the mark and not where a player lands.

  4. Contact the kicker - nice peopl'es choice award by MacCallum but I have to give that one. It looked like their was contact and fair enough.

This game is all about little stuff. And when the refs come in and ping us on 2nd and longs, when we've stopped them and hand them 15 yards......bologna! Those guys hustle to make plays and all those little things can certainly add up and affect a game.

Did you see the flags flying against the Lions in the last 3-4 minutes when it didn;t matter anymore. At some point the evener up calls had to come and the refs started this in the dying minutes of the game. Brutal.
Refs did not lose us a game. You don't win when you score 5 points unless its hockey. But it boils down to fair shot and this didn;t happen yesterday.

"2. Darian had a guy wrap him around the head on an attempted sack - no call. "....by grubber

If it is the play I think you are referring to it turned out to be a sack and the video replay clearly shows the Lion's hand on the guys shoulder as he brought him down. He never touched his head. From where we were sitting I thought for sure it was a horse collar tackle on the QB but after the replay I could see it was a clean tackle.

There is a lot of complaining about the penalty or lack of penalty calls these days. And something needs to be done about it but I have to agree with you about this game. The refs didn't win the game for the Lions and the Rough Riders didn't beat themselves. The Rough Riders were doing something right almost holding the Lions to zero points in the first half of the game but they were up against an awesome Lions defence with at least 3 interceptions and I don't know how many sacks. Getzlaf, Dressler and Sheets are the go to guys. The Lions pretty much shut these guys down. The Rough Riders will have to build on what is working and make some changes. Basically they mustered up only a single field goal in 60 minutes of play. You will not win games that way. What was working at the beginning of the season is not working so some changes will definitely have to be made. It will be interesting to see what those changes will be.

The Lions were slow out of the gate. When Lulay fumbled on the opening series I thought, "Oh...oh.... tonight's the night the wheels fall off". I'm glad the outcome was different.

Roughriders, one word. Other than that not much here I disagree with.

I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.
I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.
I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.
I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.
I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.
I will not spell "Roughriders" incorrectly in future.

Thanks Billy Soup. :rockin: Initially I was spelling it as one word and for some reason thought it was wrong so made it two words. Thanks for pointing it out. Not to mention it's right there are the forum heading! lol

Nice reply Bart!

I have to agree on the bad call against Odell and Patrick. Odell hit Lulay below the knees but the QB was not planted making a throw, he was scrambling away and Patrick was try to trip him up. it wasn't an illegal hit. The refs have to let these guys play football instead of just blindly following the rule book when it doesn't really apply. Odell barely touches Lulay, if anything he is pulling up not to hit him. Instead of kicking the ball they get a fresh set of downs and a 15 yd penalty on top. Eventually a TD, in a tight defensive battle. Total momentum shift.

When will they start to address the Refs in this league. I notice that Higgins isn't addressing any of the calls this year, at least from what I've seen.