Riders Clean House

The Coaching staff isn't the only overhaul...


Looks like a lot of salary dump and a whole new defensive secondary. Free Agency should be a real treat this year!

Well, the CFL can't allow the Riders to finish dead last two years in a row, can they?

This has nothing to do with the league. The Riders are making cuts. Many, in fact most, are necessary. One or two surprises in the list, though.

Look for a completely different team next year. Won't be the first team to rebuild, or the last. But certainly one of the most entertaining.

I guess the haters will continue crying "foul" over player acquisitions now.

....Not very many on that list I would want...maybe Brackenridge but he's 32 and might not have much left....Weldon Brown maybe...otherwise :thdn: Riders are building the bank for fa and I don't think they're finished yet.. :wink:

Jones wants to make sure he enters free agency with plenty of cash. Some others who are free agents like Bagg and Getzlaf will have to take pay cuts if they want to return. At least give us an idea of who they plan to make offers to and who they don't.

Expect Jones to go hard at the top CFL free agents in particular the Riders awful Canadian content.

John White, Almondo Sewell, Chris Williams, Keith Shologan, Zack Evans, Jusint Capiciotti, Greg Jones, Brandon Underwood, Mike Edem, Junior Turner, Shwamawd Chambers, Adarius Bowman, Bryan Simmons and Kenny Stafford are all guys who will be on his radar.

It’s highly unlikely Chris Williams goes to Saskatchewan.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/sources-williams-will-return-to-redblacks-in-2016/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/so ... s-in-2016/[/url]

Bit of a shock he's staying put and not taking another shot down south. Solid year receiving, but didn't deliver as I thought he would in the return game.

For sure a lot of openings in the secondary. Pat Watkins is a Chris Jones guy but it doesn't look like he's a pending FA. Wouldn't be surprised to see him try pry him out of Edmonton via trade though.

Chris Williams barely even attempts to return a kick anymore. Almost all the time after the catch, he takes a few steps and then just dives for another few yards.

Chris Jones pretty much wiped out the defensive secondary on the Riders. I guess that is not surprising considering how bad that group was. Funny thing is that the Riders beat the Als both times this past season, but I kind of doubt that Jim Popp is going to do anything that drastic.

I'd love to see Sewell and Shologan stopping up the middle in Green!

Oh the daydreams!
(And the nightmares of Rod Black constantly prattling on about "physical specimens" on the Riders DLine. )

As per the link I provided, he hasn't officially signed as of yet. Williams wants to see if he gets any NFL nibbles first, if not, he will then re-sign with Ottawa.

It's a lot of players released, but really not a lot of guys that played well this past season. Brackenridge was hurt part of the season and really only had 1 or 2 good games this year when he was moved to linebacker. Weldon Brown I thought was good, but he missed most of this past season with injury, same with Maze.

It is 1,5 to 2 million dollars going into free agency. About the same Ottawa had after the dispersal draft. This will cause a domino effect across the league or rivals will get picked clean.

Yeah, when you have a season that bad, there is always a question of who never gave up and who put their hands on their hips. A blowup and rebuild is needed, and without a doubt the rest of the CFL save maybe Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa is going to be rooting through Sask's cuts in search of gold they may have discarded too soon, or cheaper players who can upgrade existing positions.


The least they could've done was give me a phone call letting me know what's up.