Riders choke... AGAIN

3 West Semi final appearances in 4 years. How many Grey Cup appearances in these 4 years? None. We have the team here to win it all. Here is the question, why do we keep on choking in the Final game? Have we just been the less superior team, and if so what do we need? It is very frustrating. We just can't seem to take that jump to the next level.

I was just looking at the Grey Cup History and noted something I thought was neat. Since Barret and Shivers have taken over the Riders in '99, every team in the CFL has won the Grey Cup except us, Winnipeg and Ottawa, and Ottawa didn't exist for 3 of those years.

It’s not that long of a streak for CHOKING for the riders. Let’s see now. Just 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. It won’t be pathetic until that streak extends to 2007. Good luck.

You know, the past is the past, and the present. PRESENTLY, The Edmonton Eskimos are last in the West and arent in the playoffs. So you cant talk...

Jm, larry is an example of why in the wild, some mothers smother their young, so just ignore him and he'll go away....

Well have to admit I was very pleased to see the Riders get the butts handed to them( first time I ever cheered against the riders outside of ticat games). After the way the Riders "ran up" the score on the ticats this year, they deserved a good whooping and hopefully next year we can do it ourselves.

this is the pro's amcd. no one bitches about running up the score unless it's obvious that they did.

What do you want the Riders to do? play dead and not do anything?

if their backups run the game and still score.. it's not their problem.. it's your teams problem!!

Yeah, but the TICATS ****. I wouldnt call that running up the score. Id call that a team who cant play football

No one knows better then us how losy and pathetic the cats were this year "again" so sorry but your comments dont change my glee at watching BC manhandle the not so rough riders.. easily

...there is no such thing as running up the score amcd, if your teams quits then they deserve to have everything and then some thrown at them....

well atleast hes proud of his team the ticats. He supports them no matter what . The Riders always loose and people jump off the bandwagon. Good for ticats fans. Riders loose again and will loose some fans. Good luck next year riders though. but in order to get to the big game it looks like your gonna need to host the west final

You're right, jman. The past is the past. And PRESENTLY, the riders are out of the playoffs, and will be watching the Grey Cup on TV... AGAIN. The only difference between the Eskimos and the riders TODAY, is that the Eskimos actually win the Grey Cup occasionally.

Haha Riders!!! Guess its time for Pats and Blades for you guys now eh? [Bursts out in laughter] Although that ain't sayin much either haha.

Hockey is dumb...

I concure! - its like Rick Mercer said...

Canada maybe a hockey nation... but this province [Saskatchewan] is a football province..

Well that's why we are making changes. before the last year we didn't make any major coaching changes.Your next Topic will be RIDERS GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!