Riders Cheat Cap.


From the team that can't count to 13. What is it with math over there ?

If a team is willing to pay the fine, it's not really a hard cap, is it? When a GM needs someone late in the season, and knows he will go over the max, presumably he factors in the cap fine along with the player's salary as a single budget item. If he can afford the total cost, and the player gives the team a boost, then the fine is worth it.

This suggests to me that the teams that make money, and can afford the fine, have a cap that's $100,000 higher than the others. The real penalty seems to be the loss of draft picks once you go over $100,000.

The system seems designed to accommodate teams that need a little late season help to cover injuries; they can be fined but that's it. To "cheat" the cap would suggest that Sask did not have injury problems but deliberately hired ringers late in the season to bolster its run for the cup. But surely, Zontar, you're not that cynical?

No, 26 grand is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Was going more for the humour in the 13th man /bad accounting angle.

Just a wee touch of irony too as Riders would whine endlessly for years about not being able to compete with the "evil empire" and financial powerhouse of EDM. Now that they have the cap and a level playing field they go over it ?

They exceeded the cap by about one half of one percent. Not a big issue at all, more like a rounding error than any substantive violation.

I'd say the bigger news is that there weren't more teams over the cap. Looks like some folks must be pretty good managers.

This is becoming a pattern for the Riders. I will be shocked when they finally stay under the cap.

Isn't this 3 years in a row now?

well if its happened 3 years in a row, doesnt seem effective them very much considering theyve been to the GC back to back years

but there math skills did come back to hanut them one time :wink:

I disagree that 26 grand is nothing. It is the difference between signing an Avon Cobourne or not. Always is the same team that infringes and what makes it worst is that Rider fans and organisation were the ones crying poor for years when wealthy owners outspent them. Now that they are having some success they break the cap for four consecutive years while teams like Toronto and Hamilton with weatlhy owners are playing by the rules and struggling at the gate because of it.

Total BS as far as I am concerned. Kill the thing or enforce it better.

Four years really. They were the worst offender the year they put it in place but there was no penalty the first year.

The Als lost a #1 pick by going over the cap- SASK pays a few dollars.