Riders cheap shot


Back to your respective corners, gentlemen.....

WHO CARES if Warner is a loser, thats not the issue at hand here.

LIKE I SAID, WHICH YOU DID NOT READ!!! I can't tell you what THEIR thinking was, I only know WHY it was done. And YES! I do have special knowledge when it comes to CERTAIN things in life, just as ANYONE has special knowledge about many other things. But what we all did not know when you came aboard this forum is that you are the all knowing Icon of the messgae boards! Who needs no one to inform you of anything because (as we've all seen) you already know everything! (And man do you act like it!)

I posted something I KNOW to be true. That's all I did! And as usual you have to be condescending and arrogant. And, by the way, if that's the worst YOU'VE seen in sports, then I have news for you darling....YOU HAVE SEEN SQUAT IN SPORTS!!

Hmmmm..... Argos gave their own cheap shot... classy move by them :thdn:

Argos give a small shot to the head , 15 yard pen. against the ARGOS.

I am still waiting for 1 call against SASK.

That was a typical Argo cheap shot on KJ , good call ref............GO RIDERS GO

not quite that easy, he will be suspended

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Boy , some SASK. fans are real jerks tonight!

ARGOS 25 , SASK. 10

4th Q

The problem with your point, geo, is that it is blatantly WRONG. A 4 year old could figure out that you don't try and DISTRACT people's attention away from something by putting a team of chearleaders 10 feet away, doing a dance routine. That was your claim, and it was idiotic. It was a tasteless, classless, morbid move by the riders, and there is no excuse for it. You have absolutely no "special knowledge" of how to distract people from something, geo, and you've proven that point perfectly well with your repetetive posts.

WOW! you really don't know how to read do you? please FIND AND POST for me where I said or even used the word cheerleaders.

I guess HT, you are forgetting about Ivory's cheap shot in the Winnipeg game. Ivory was suspended for this game. If Schultz hit is deemed a cheap shot , he will be discplined. Amazing how soon you forget about your own team's cheap shot, and NO PENALTY was called on that one either.

LOL, you are ignorant. You replied directly to my post that sending the cheerleaders out to dance and celebrate 10 feet away from a guy being carried to an ambulance was classless. Your reply was "Sometimes if an injury is deemed serious enough, things will be done to try and move the fans attention for even the shortest time". If you weren't referring to the cheerleaders, than what were you referring to? And if you weren't referring to the cheerleaders, than perhaps you should actually read the post you are replying to, so that you have the slightest clue as to what the topic at hand is!!!!

And I warned you about name calling!

LOL, goes both ways, hypocrite. You've called me arrogant, and claimed that I'm illiterate. Perhaps you should tell yourself a thing or 2. Otherwise, I couldn't care less about what you say.

I've really had enough of you needing explanations! "Things" could be anything. I was not talking about the cheerleaders alone, i was reffering to the situation. Enough said thread locked!