Riders cheap shot

Getting the game handed to them by a depleted TO team, may as well try to take their QB's head off since we can't beat em.

Shultz should be ejected for that hit to the head.

Took you a while to show up? No comment on Thursday nights game?

NO CALL even.

Unbiased opinions, HT and EE :roll:

Blatant hit to the head. With his helmet. Wynn's helmet went flying off his head immediately after impact. The rider defender then pile drives his helmet into Wynn's unprotected head on the turf. No call for that? What do you call a hit to the head then? A helmet flying 20 feet away is not enough of a hint that there was a hit to the head for these amateurish refs? Classy move by the riders to send their cheerleaders out on the field, 6 feet away from the guy, as he is hauled off in an ambulance.


Is it a pen. or NOT! :thdn:

Sometimes if an injury is deemed serious enough, things will be done to try and move the fans attention for even the shortest time.

If the intention of sending the cheerleaders on the field was to distract the crowd from the potentially incredibly serious injury that required an ambulance to go on the field, then perhaps you will have to explain to me the riders decision to have the cheerleaders to their line dance directly in front of Wynn, only about 10 feet away. Even the CBC commentators couldn't believe that stunt.

If that was Calvillo that got hit there it would have been a 25 yrd penalty + 15...

cry me a river......someone call the waaaambulance

Sorry can't tell you why others do specific things. You want that answer then call the Riders organization. I'm just stating something I know to be fact because I've played sports.

WOW! there is a comment with class :roll: :thdn:

no flag ,no foul....move on.......GO RIDERS GO

I've played sports as well, and I've never seen such a classless move. There are many reasons for sending cheerleaders out on the field. You think you have some special knowledge of this because you used to play sports? You don't do a line dance 10 feet away from a guy being taken into an ambulance to distract the crowd.


Let's all remember this the next time that rider nation is screaming at the top of their lungs when one of their own goes down with a cheap shot. "no flag, no foul" has to be about as ignorant as they come. Shultz could and should very well be fined for his cheap shot. Just because the refs missed it, does not make it any less of a foul.

Yeah that looked horrible, the ambulance on the field and cheerleaders dancing like 5 yards away from them. Why not do it in the endzone or down on the 25's.

TELL ME, why is the back up QB running with the ball, diveing head first........DOH!!!!.....GO RIDERS GO

Are you even watching the game, idiot? He was standing up straight, when Shultz cheap shoted him by driving his helmet into Wynn's chin. And what does the fact that Wynn is the backup have anything to do with anything? Is it any less of a cheap shot, because Wynn is #2 on the depth chart? Do you have any arguments that aren't this stupid?

your the man mod......no life loser