Riders chances of getting a home playoff game

What do you think the riders chances will be at getting a home playoff game? Calgary lost to Edmonton tonight. with that happening and BC getting their bye week this week the Riders can pull to within 2 of first place on Sunday with a victory over Winnipeg. However they still will be in 3rd place.

I guess the Riders chances of getting a home playoff game would be greatly increased if they can win all of their remaining games which will be no small task considering some of the teams they have to play against for the last 7 games.

The riders can tie Calgary this weekend. We play BC and EDM next, win all three and we are in the driver's seat.

i like the chances :wink: we all just got to show up at the last 3 games and be the [i]13th man[/i] and act like we want a home game :rockin:

Amen, brother. I know I'm gonna be there!

Come on Roder fans, we need to sell out the rest of the season. Do it for the team!

When I got my tickets for Sept. 24th vs. BC, I was told there were seats in Section 25, row 52 and higher, or seats on the 10 yard line.....and that was about it.....they said they were selling pretty fast....

Riders chances of getting a home playoff game...

...have significantly decreased after today's loss.

Lets worry about securing a playoff game before any talk about a home game. Remember, Edmonton plays Hamilton back to back the next 2 games. If the Riders lose to BC, and Edmonton beats Hamilton twice, the Riders and Esks will be tied, with the head to head record, the Riders are in fourth!

[quote="schooner11"]Lets worry about securing a playoff game before any talk about a home game.

You are 100% right... I am afraid of not making the playoffs which is a strong possibity.

can you get a couple more IFs in that post!

and if all those ifs do happen the EE and the riders will be tied with 6-7 records and they will both have their destiny in there own hands playing each other twice still. I still dont like Edmonton's chances. They need have a tough schedule coming home.

Saskatchewan twice
Toronto back to back
and Montreal

and it looks like none of this will be gimme meanless games.

11-7 finishes at worst tied for 2nd in the West. The riderd will at least 12-8 going no worst than 4-2 from here on in.

Remember Calgary has the season series 2-1 so a tie with them gives them 2nd over us. For the Riders to get second they'd have to be 11-7 and hope Calgary goes 10-8. I don't see Calgary losing to Winnipeg, but possibly to BC and Toronto.

To get 11-7 we'd have to go 5-1 from here on, which is possible the way Montreal is playing. I can see us beating BC next week at home, beating TO on the road, but the Edmonton and Montreal games will be the ones where bad things will happen for us. As horrible as the EE are this year I can see us losing that last game in Commonwealth because we never win there. And Montreal is awful, we should sweep them but again they are Montreal and alway beat us. We SHOULD be 5-1 or even 6-0 the way everyone else is playing but come game time I can see us easily going 3-3 for another 9-9 finish to a mediocre season heading into Calgary for the west semi.

9 - 9 mediocre? I thought that was a good season.

Yes but only if 12-8 was a record that could be acheived. The only way the Riders hit 12 wins is by running the table and that would give them a 12-6 record and that ain't gonna happen. 4-2 in the next 6 gives them a 10-8 record and that won't do it for a home playoff game. I figure they have to go at least 5-1 in their next 6 to have any kind of chance.