Riders chances of crossing over have greatly improved.

Last year vs West: 4-6
Last year vs East: 5-3
This year vs West 5-2 with 3 games remaining
This year vs East 3-5

Well, we are still 5-2 against Western teams despite our miserable failures against the Eastern teams at 3-5. All we can hope for now is to continue our success here in the west and get third place again at least. Right now, I'd rather we played the semi final in BC or Edmonton than in Montreal.

And since we have almost lost the season series with Calgary, a tie with them at 9-9 record will send us east so winning the game vs Calgary isn't enough, we must beat them by at least 27 points to avoid the crossover.

Let's examine the remaining schedules of Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Calgary 7-7
Oct 14 - vs. Hamilton, 9:00 PM
Oct 23 - at Saskatchewan, 4:00 PM
Oct 30 - at Winnipeg, 4:00 PM
Nov 6 - vs. Edmonton, 5:00 PM

Edmonton 8-6
Oct 10 - at Toronto, 1:00 PM
Oct 15 - vs. Saskatchewan, 3:00 PM
Oct 28 - vs. Brt Columbia, 9:00 PM
Nov 6 - at Calgary, 5:00 PM

Sask 8-7
Oct 15 - at Edmonton, 3:00 PM
Oct 23 - vs. Calgary, 4:00 PM
Nov 5 - at Brt Columbia, 10:00 PM

Clearly Saskatchewan has the toughest schedule with the two games in BC and Edmonton, and Calgary has the easiest with games yet vs Hamilton and at Winnipeg.

As someone already said, the playoffs have pretty much started now out here in the west. The way I see it, Edmonton goes 10-8 for second place, Calgary and Sask both finish 9-9 and Sask crosses over having lost the season series. Only thing left to do now is get the whisky and sit back.

you think we are only going to win one more game?? Man i doubt it, and edmonton doesn't have such an easy schedule either. I'm still lookin for second place. If we win all three of our games i think we got second in the west for sure. And i bleive we can do this too.

We win all three, and we have 2nd no matter what. It is mathimatically impossible for us to not get 2nd if we win the remaining three games. But things will go wrong. If we beat Edmonton next week I can see us just as easily losing to Calgary the next and vice versa. One thing I have learned over the years in Riderville is that something WILL go wrong. We just have to wait and see what goes wrong and when it happens.

We have to beat the Esks no matter what to get 2nd place. If we lose that game, they almost gaurentee 2nd, unless the STamps win all 4 of their games.
If we win 2 of 3, including the esks game, and the esks only win one more then we have a good chance of taking 2nd. Otherwise it very well could easily be a crossover game, unless we smash the STamps on the 23rd.

Yeah we gotta beat Calgary by 27 points or more to avoid the crossover if that happens. Mind you, the crossover isn't so bad, with the way the Argos have been playing now like sh*t. I'd rather play Toronto over Edmonton in a semi final, but then we have to play Montreal in the east final instead of BC in the west final. Then again we will have to play Montreal in the Grey Cup anyways so we may as well play them in the East Semi. No matter what happens, it won't easy.

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Finally, a realistic Rider fan.

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with Troy Davis in the backfield Edmonton got a lot harder to beat but there not unbeatable? ? ? Davis had a great game against Toronto today and Cominsky gives them a solid front line.
that being said I believe that Edmonton will finish in third place with there wins against BC and Calgary and the riders will go on a 6 game win streak finishing second in the west
calgary to crossover

We can only hope so...

I think we have a very good shot at 2nd place, and mathematically, we could still do 1st place (we win everything, and BC must lose everything).

IF we beat both Edmonton and Calgary, then 2nd place is a very good possiblity regardless of what else happens. With a little help, we win these next 2 games and 2nd place is in the bag. Without help, we simply have to beat BC as well, and they have clearly shown that they are vulernable and BEATABLE.

But first things first, win the Centennial Cup. :lol:

exactly first things first go to Edmonton and win the Centenial Cup
then focus on Calgary and after that is done then BCdont put the cart before the horse

So hellothere, we'll be looking forward to playing you guys in the crossover. Are you? :smiley:

Hey I wonder who gets the Centenial Cup now?? Does it reside in Lyodminster now??

Yup, thats what they announced after the game anyways.