Riders' Chamblin Coach of the year

Corey Chamblin Coach of the year. He was my second choice behind Austin. Getting to the Grey Cup game as a first year coach with a roster that went through over 80 players, playing in totally temporary not at all ideal facilities made Austin my top choice. Heck the team had their locker room facilities at their downtown office. Had to bus players to the west end of Hamilton to Mac for practices, bus back downtown to shower, bus 55 km north for games in Guelph.

To battle through all those potential distractions and injuries and ever fluctuating roster get to the Grey Cup was an incredible job. Taking nothing away from Chamblin - any Grey Cup winning coach has done a great job - but I think Austin deserved it more IMO.

Yep Austin did a great job, albeit in a pathetically weak Eastern division.
I thought the vote was supposed to take place before the playoffs but it doesn’t seem the case
My vote would’ve gone to Hufnagel, keeping that team going with the injuries, recruiting, game planning, juggling.

But all three did a good job.

Austin was robbed.

The same way CJ Gable was robbed for rookie of the year.

Gimmmeeeee a Break!!!!!!! Even Rider fans should know and admit that Chamblin over Austin is a complete crock of crap!!!
The coach of the year award should just be mothballed,the whole thing is a frickin' joke,I mean why even bother with it???
Just award it to the coach of the winning team of the Grey Cup right after the game is over,and be done with it.It doesn't really surprise me though,after all the Cats were totally DISSED by the league this year anyway....no rookie of the year award,no all-star selections,no coach of the year just goes with the territory.In a nutshell all Austin did was turn around the worst team in the league from the year before from a 6-12 record to 10-8,their first double digit win season in over 10 years,got the team to the Grey Cup,first time in over a decade,defeated Mtl in the Semis,took out the defending Cup champs on the road,essentially played the entire season without the benefits of a "true" home stadium,dealt with the hold out and contract dispute of the teams best player,went through a record number of players due to injury,had a roster that had 20 rookies on it,brought the team back to respectability after years of mediocre to league doormats status and the league decides in their infinite wisdom to say nice job Kent,but the rules state that the COY Award automatically goes to the guy who wins the Cup,no matter what your accomplishments are in the regular season.The thing I find funny is that the COY Chamblin actually lost a game to the B.B's last year,which was one of their three wins last year,how could such a great coach actually lose a game against the sadsack Bombers??? Oh well at least you didn't win the coveted "Banjo Bowl" this year,but you bought and paid for everthing else,so you might as well have COY honors to go along with your Cup victory...I mean after all they go hand in hand it seems according to the league and the morons who vote for it.

you're a crock.

the Ti-Cats were 2nd in a 2 team division, because the other 2 teams sucked.

The East had 2 teams with 10 wins or more,one team a game below .500 and the dreadful B.B's
The West had 3 teams with 10 wins or more,and the dreadful Esks

So with your line of thinking the Riders finished 2nd in a 3 team division,so both teams finished 2nd,besides that I don't mind ya calling me a crock,but at least I stated my points on why Austin did the best job of coaching last year,and why he merited and should have won the Award.The best you can do is come back with name calling and no facts or reasons why Chamblin should have won over Austin.Let's face it,Chamblin was given the keys to a fully loaded Ferrari and was told to keep it on the road and don't get it scratched,the Riders were a veteran laden team,that went balls to the wall in signing every FA in sight,throw caution and money to the wind in a successful attempt to win the Cup in front of the home town crowd.Congrats to the Riders!!!! Mission accomplished and kudos to coach Chamblin,wasn't easy but you accomplished your goal,but in the end even you have to admit that Austin accomplished a lot more with a lot less and got the Cats to a place they haven't been to since The little General(Ron Lancaster)did it in the late nineties.So I 've stated my case,didn't call ya any names in the process....so it's your turn CFLbest tell me why Chamblin deserves COY over Austin....I'll be waiting for your rebuttal :cowboy:

Austin deserved it no question, but so did Chamblin for humbling Austin in the Grey Cup. Personally, I would have given it to Chamblin for that very reason.

But agree, awards are just that, awards and don’t really mean a whole heck of a lot IMHO when there are more than one person who could win one. A crapshoot often.

Why even bother having a coach of the year award if you are just going to give it to the coach who won the Grey Cup every year. Don't believe me...lets take a gander...

2012 -- Scott Milanovich, Toronto - Won Grey Cup
2011 -- Wally Buono, B.C. - Won Grey Cup
2010 -- Jim Barker, Toronto - Only didn't get it because Trestman won the Grey Cup and he won it last year
2009 -- Marc Trestman, Montreal - Won Grey Cup
2008 -- John Hufnagel, Calgary - Won Grey Cup
2007 -- Kent Austin, Saskatchewan - Won Grey Cup
2006 -- Wally Buono, B.C. - Won Grey Cup

Austin got robbed, even if you account for the East division being weak this year, he took the team from LAST PLACE to the Grey Cup. Chamblin's ability to take a playoff team and win the cup is success against no odds.

I couldn't agree more Hammer! The award has become a farce. Thanks for doing the digging that I was planning to do when I got home...

I was under the impression that COTY was not supposed to consider playoffs. Take away the playoffs and it is beyond ridiculous that Chamblin won over Austin or even Hufnagel.

Take away playoffs and Hufnagel should win it no question. Include playoffs you have to give it to Chamblin.

Austin got robbed IMHO. If Burris doesn’t poop his pants in the GC then Austin wins.

I agree with some of the other posters, they should get rid of the COTY award. No point to it since it is given to whomever wins the GC. I think getting your name on the cup should be reward enough (I doubt they really care about the other award).

COY Award is a total farce anymore in this league,might as well expand it so everybody gets an Award

Ladies and Gentleman,welcome to the CFL Coach of the year Awards...and without further adieu,here are your 2013 Winners!!!!

for Best-over-all season record the Award goes to Calgary's John Hufnagel,come on up and get your trophy John,nice job!!!!
The next category is COY Grey Cup Winner and it goes to Corey Chamblin,congrats coach,well deserved,way to go !!!!
Up next is COY for biggest over-all improvement,regular season,get up here Kent Austin,great job!!!way to "Restore the Roar"

Now it's that time in the show for the coveted COY Award Non Play-off team....and the winner is Kavis Reed,Edmonton Eskimos,in a close race you eked out Timmy Burke by a game,so the both of you come on up and recieve your participation trophy's and ribbons,everybody let's give them a nice round of applause!!!!
And now Ladies and Gentleman for our final 3 Awards of the evening can we have Mike Benevides,Scott Milanovich and Jim Popp come up on stage to receive the Close but No Cigar Coach of the Year for at least getting your team to the play-offs
Congrats to the three of you!!!! And that concludes the 2013 CFL Coach's of the Year Ceremony for 2013...Thanks to All and have a Good Night and Congrats once again to all the Winners!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :cowboy: :roll:

Meh good for Chamblin even if Austin won it, I guess it would've offered some kind of compensation for us torching you guys in the Grey Cup.. See you in July!


You beat a rookie/injury laden roster with a stacked roster in front of the most intimidating and best fan base in the CFL.My god what an accomplishment :thup: :thup:
Same results at a neutral site? Who knows.

Let's see how the COY :roll: does next year without a Dressler or Sheets to hang his hat on :wink:

I don't mind this, I like a little trash talk in the off season, heck it beats the hell out of talking about stadiums, media, and large corporations. I honestly hope you guys do well this season, I just hope we do a little better! Anyways, where did Sheets come from? No where right? Yes! if our management can find a guy like that once and as the old saying goes RB's are a time a dozen then who's to say we can't find Wes Cates 2.0 or Sheets 2.0 not taking anything away from their individual talent but you cannot deny the talent our management has for finding these unheralded players! Best of luck in 2014!

I 100% Agree,a little trash talk in the off season and season,as long as it's good natured does beat the hell out of talking about stadiums,media and large corporations.I honestly hope that you guys do well this season also,I just hope we do better!
Your right about Sheets,running backs are a dime a dozen position,tons of them looking for work,no shortage at all.As a comparison all you have o do is look at my Cats,the last 5 years,we've gone from Cobb(09-10)to Cobourne(11-12)to Gable(13)with Walker thrown in there as well .Everyone of them capable and productive,as well as talented,but all replaceable.
As for the COY going to Chamblin and not Austin,it really speaks of the media who vote for these things and when the award is announced.It seems kind of ridiculous to wait 2-3 months after the season is over to present it,as the history lately tells us,all the Dummies who are voting for it say Ah what the hell,might as well vote for the guy who won the Cup,it's the easy vote.
The whole COY Award has totally become redundant,if all your going to do is give it to the guy who wins the Cup,then just change the name of it to "Grey Cup Coach Award " and present it to the coach along with the Cup in the post game celebration. I mean,the way the media votes on it,if the Bombers would have fallen arse backward into a few more games last year and actually won some of them and somehow made the play-offs and even more miracuously won the Cup in a fluke,then Timmy Burke would have been hailed by the dumb dumbs who vote on this in a landslide as "Coach of the Year"
I mean really if there is going to be no thought process put into this by the media "Boneheads" who vote for this award year in and year out,then either change the name of it as mentioned above or mothball it completely.Best of luck to you as well in 2014. :cowboy:

Chamblin was the right choice. Got his team to dominate in the playoffs when it counts. Austin did a great job, but in a weak division. Head to head, Chamblin beat him all three times in 2014. :rockin: