Riders- CFL's New Flagship Team

Then email the cfl and ask for the league to fold. Every team that has ever won a grey cup has also taken penalties - hence they cheated to win.

The cfl rules are clear what the penalties are for going over the soft cap. A whole bunch of hypocrites here suddenly calling the cup a tainted win - where was this sky is falling drama before the season began?

If the riders loose how many of you will come back and if the ticats took even one penalty - call thier win tainted as they cheated to win?

Ludicrous. If the cfl felt that being over cap was cheating the penalties would be more severe. If the cfl felt that only cap compliant teams can play in the cup they would have that rule.

You don't hear the other teams calling the cup potentially tainted..... Some fans need to be more like the players of the teams they cheer. -

Sorry I don't buy it, excuses are as they say like a****** everybody's got one. The put in the cap for a reason and it is not like going offside. Purposely going over the cap is cheating, plain and simple. Say all you want about it being hard or soft, it doesn't matter. The cap was put in to protect community owned teams like Saskatchewan from being taken advantage of by a deep pocketed owner. Purposefully going over the cap is cheating whether you like it or not. It is like arguing that getting caught speeding by multanova is not really speeding because you don't get demerits and you can afford the fine.
Breaking any rule then is cheating. No rider her is saying the team should not face the listed consequences if they are over the cap - but wow the drama is getting thick here. The cfl isn't as harsh as you folks.

You get caught speeding you pay the fine. You go over cap you pay the fine. You don't surrender your car and licence for life if you get caught speeding - sounds like you want the cfl to triple the published fines and suspend them as a team.

To say this is over the top would be a gross understatement

So by your logic, the next time you get a speeding ticket, they should throw you in jail and suspend your licence for life... :expressionless:

Cheating is cheating. Speeding is cheating and they don't throw you in jail. If the Riders bought their way to the GC, it will look bad on them and the league to a certain extent. Until the numbers come out we don't know.

Exactly... speeding means you are ticketed, or fined... same as going over the SMS... you are fined, but both are not cheating... the only way you to go to jail for speeding is if you are a hazard to yourself or others, making it risky for other motorists... now if the Riders were excessively over the cap, then it might be a problem... but I don't believe they are too far over, if at all... but that raises another issue entirely-- is the salary cap too low? 4.4 million, but I believe it should be way higher... around the 5 million mark... if we want to keep our stars here, we might look at paying them more... I know its not a lot of money, but at least it could satisfy some into staying in our league.

I don't believe there should be one at all. But the fact is there is one and the Riders were one of the most vocal team and fanbase advocating for one (Those bad Eskimos were always cheating and poor little Widers could not compete...) Yet the Riders have so far bee the biggest violators of the SMS and the biggest contributors to salary inflation in the league.

I see the SMS is more of a guideline than it is a cap... this is how much you can spend, and you will be fined if you go over... and if its too excessive then you will lose draft picks... so there is a more sever punishment in place already... increasing the salary level is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it means players will stay instead of jumping to the NFL...

I don't often agree with KfxTC but I do on this point, Riders fans have been the most vocal about the Big Bad Eskimos buying the Cup when they were the "flagship team". Now they seem to forget all that and consider that when Edmonton was winning a handful of cups in the 80's they didn't even have a cap.

I am not saying that the Riders should be lynched for being over the cap but why have a cap if it is soft. One thing I want to make clear is my problem is with the league more than it is the Riders. The Riders may be technically cheating but it is the CFL that allows them to cheat.

That is the key that each team needs each other. Without enough teams then this would not even be an argument. The CFL has gotten its Ducks in a row for the first time in a long time and thankfuly TSN so the potential in the CFL to become their exclusive Network partner.
These old arguments and the way of looking at the CFL have changed drastically. In Canada it is a high profile televised entity that in turn draws some high powered corprate sponsors at all levels.
TSN using RDS has completely changed the perception for sports fans in Quebec as seen by the TV numbers. One more region left would be the Maritimes this is why it is a huge priority and seen by the other 9 teams as something that is of extrteme importance.
If team 10 can happen in the Maritimes and the Argos move out of the city of Toronto and into the GTA regions. Put a circle around the city of Toronto and the rest of Canada is very much a CFL country

So why do you drive if all you get for speeding or any other traffic viiolation is a ticket or fine? Maybe they should ban cars too....all they do is allow you to break the rules... :roll: :roll:

It is what it is with the cap and the Riders and maybe others may have gone over it and will take the penalties within the framework of the rules. They have the money to pay the fines for sure. Losing draft picks could be a concern but the rising Canadian talent over the last decade enables to get a lot of Canadian Talent later in the draft or in Free Acency.
Also Saskatchewan produces some really good players some of which may be drafted by other teams but choose to come home at free agency.
Also overlooked is that the Riders are one of the teams that use their Junior Football system. Right now they have two emerging young Canadians on defense in Safety Newmun and DT Evans.
The fact that a team can go over the cap and still be a very profitable franchise says alot.

Make excuses all you want but breaking the rules purposely is cheating. To what degree it is cheating is arguable but the fact that it is cheating is not. If you don't have a problem with cheating, don't squawk when any other team goes over the cap to any extent. I guess if we listen to the Rider fans, they are fine if Calgary goes out next year and buys a Grey Cup winner because according to them, being over the cap is not cheating.

Im so glad you created another thread on this - 1 is just never enough.

Seriously - your poor sportsmanship is showing through loud and clear. If all season you complained about the cap you may have some legitimacy - but on the eve of the Grey Cup its all sour grapes.

The RULES of the CFL impose fines for going over the cap - not sanctions or suspensions. If any team wants to sacrifice their future by going over for one season they had best be ready to pay the price. Should a team refuse to pay that fine - I will support you in calling them cheats. The CFL rules do not consider a team that wins and is over the cap a suspend able or tainted win. As such going over the cap may be a violation of the cap terms that provides clear penalties - but it in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is considered cheating by the CFL. You personally may think it does - but if you do you should have complained at the start of the season and not on the eve of the Grey Cup. I would guess that when the riders where on their losing streak you didn't care - only when they put a few wins together in the play offs that all of the sudden the sky is falling for some.

They actually have followed the rules as how they are defined by the CBA. If they have indeed gone over the cap and pay the penalties that come with that then they have still followed the rules as they are set.
There may be some other teams who have gone over as well. Hamilton may or may not have gone over but considering the length on their 1 game IR all season there either be a lot of players who are being paid at the minimum or close to the minimum or may have sightly gone over the cap themselves. I am not saying that Hamilton did go over but by looking at the length of the 1 game IR all season that is a lot of players.
We will all have to wait to see

I think you are missing the point here... if other teams go over, they pay the penalty... the Als also went over by 100K+... 108K if I recall correctly... and lost a draft pick... and they went on to win 2 Cups, but no one accuses them of "cheating"... and I won't be one them, either... basically all you are doing is Rider bashing, added to the fact that your team lost to them... so its sour grapes. I have said many times that in my opinion, the SMS is too low... I believe it should be right around the 5 million mark...we have a good enough league and product that is sellable to a US sports network that could bring in cash to this league. You can cry all you want about the RIders "cheating"... if Calgary goes out and spends the $$ to get the players to win, more power to them... as long as they are willing to pay the fines then I don't have a problem with it... nor should anyone else.

That is correct the Riders will not have been the first team to go over the cap in the CFL or other pro sports. There are penalties to pay for doing it and as long as the penalties are paid then they are playing within the guidelines of the CBA. You will not hear the CFLPA complaining about this as they know the players are much underpaid at this point.
The CFLPA agreed to a low cap do to the financial mess the league was in at the time and now that the league is financially stable they will want their share.

Another thing that should begin to happen is player endorsements with the CFL now more popular than ever and being seen bey more people than ever it is only a matter of time before some big name players will see some endorsement deals.
Right now the Riders community do a great job to get players off season work to keep them in the province and not affect there season. Geroy Simon, who lives in Vancouver, was able to get an endorsement deal with Hall Embassy suites as their spokes person for something as simple as having a suite for the season to go along with his salary.
Community partners getting involved with subsidising players income is what makes Regina a popular destination now for players.
I am not sure if it is already happening or not but with Tim Horton's now being an even bigger partner with the TiCats how long will it be before players are coming to Hamilton knowing that they can make some endorsement money by being a spokesperson for Tim Hortons or for other life after football oppuritunities that the Tim Hortons corporation can bring to a loyal TiCat player.
The CFL has a player friendly schedule right now for players who need to go back to school to complete their education in the off season.

Of course still nobody can explain how it is cheating because it isn't.