Riders- CFL's New Flagship Team

Thank you Terry Jones

[url=http://www.edmontonSun.com/2013/11/19/sask-is-cfls-New-flagship]www.edmontonSun.com/2013/11/19/sask-is- ... w-flagship[/url]

He's a little ahead of himself. Let's see if they win and then let's see if they won clean or if they cheated.

Like we need another reason for a Rider fan to toot their own horn :roll:

All this is : A disguised dig at Hervey and the Eskimos by Terry Jones.

I wouldn't be surprised at all,Jones has been covering and reporting on the Esks for over 30 yrs,besides how can you call a team a "flagship" when they've won a grand total of 3 championships in their history,going back over a 100 yrs of existence??? It's akin to saying the Cubs are the "flagship" franchise in MLB. Yes,they are in their 4th Cup in 7 yrs,but have also had a 5-13 and 8-10 season also in that span.So before all you Rider fans start drinking Jone's kool-aid,just remember which team that Jones covers and writes about on a daily basis.

Also many Rider fans have reported on their own forum that the team is substantially over the SMS ceiling. If that is indeed the case this GC will be seriously tainted, especially after the Ray deal last year...

The dufus hasn't written a relevant column since 1982. Met him a couple of times at cups....grumpiest guy on the circuit...

another repeat thread.

'rise of the roughriders' discusses the same article...but was posted a day prior to this thread.


Nope. For the hundredth time it is not a hard cap. It is a soft cap. Therefore as long as fines and penalties are paid there is NOTHING wrong with going over the SMS. If there was it would not be a soft cap.

I disagree with Jones' premise... all the teams need each other, especially when the league goes down to eight teams... lets hope Ottawa can be successful and a 10th team added... I don't see any one team being the "flagship" franchise.

...if there was nothing wrong with exceeding the SMS cap then there wouldn't be penalties...just saying

I agree that a soft cap is dumb, but exceeding it isn’t cheating. Luckily in the CFL nobody has enough money to exploit it (yankees, red sox) as evidenced by the fact that on of the 2 poorest teams (I think) is in the Grey Cup game and the other (I think) was one win away

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...I didn't say it was cheating

Well I am saying it is cheating. When any team breaks any rule, particularly if it is done purposely. It is cheating. If a team goes over the cap because of sustaining a string of injuries, as has happened, that is one thing. But in my view if a team goes over the Cap with a sole purpose of winning, I do agree, that win is tainted.

That being said, as far as I know, we have no proof that the Riders are over the Cap, soft or not. Until there is proof, Jean Chretien will tell you, nothing is proven.

there is no way that the riders are under the soft cap. how is it cheating if it is a soft cap lol? How does it taint anything?

I have been on this forum for a while now and since they introduced this sms not one person has been able to adequately state to me why it is cheating or why it would taint even one championship. The reason being is that there is nothing wrong with it as long as fines are paid.

Also many Rider fans have reported on their own forum that the team is substantially over the SMS ceiling. If that is indeed the case this GC will be seriously tainted, especially after the Ray deal last year...
Tainted? Seriously? I would suggest that was a tad over the top but that wouldn't do justice to how ridiculous that is. Going over the cap IS NOT CHEATING. Going over the cap results in penalties.

100% of all teams that have won the grey cup have been penalized during the game. Thus by the posters here 100% of all cup wins are tainted as teams cheated.

You can tell the Riders are in the cup - the whambulance siren is deafening lol. Seriously folks if the CFL changes the cap to be more like the NHL then you can come here complaining. In the NHL teams have to start the season at or under cap. If the go over or try to circumvent the cap they loose draft picks and or fined. They do NOT however have wins taken away.

One would think they had mooned the queen or other sacrilege the way folks are calling for their heads lol

Sorry I don't buy it, excuses are as they say like a****** everybody's got one. The put in the cap for a reason and it is not like going offside. Purposely going over the cap is cheating, plain and simple. Say all you want about it being hard or soft, it doesn't matter. The cap was put in to protect community owned teams like Saskatchewan from being taken advantage of by a deep pocketed owner. Purposefully going over the cap is cheating whether you like it or not. It is like arguing that getting caught speeding by multanova is not really speeding because you don't get demerits and you can afford the fine.

The cap is saying "if you spend more than x, you have to pay y". A hard cap says you can't play with a roster spending more than x. By definition surpassing a soft cap is not cheating

Trying to buy a championship is cheating and wrong. If the Riders are over the cap and Rider fans seem to think they are, they are trying to buy the cup and if you don't think purposely breaking the rules is cheating, I am not sure what is. I guess you would say that the only thing wrong with using steroids is getting caught.